NewsWorldOmicron variant, Kluge: "In Italy peak in 2-3 weeks"

Omicron variant, Kluge: “In Italy peak in 2-3 weeks”


In countries like Italy, Omicron’s peak will be reached in “two to three weeks” and “then it will start to drop”. This is what the WHO regional director for Europe says, Hans Kluge, guest of Lucia Annunziata at ‘half an hour more’ on Raitre. The peak of the Omicron wave, he explains, “will end sooner than expected” and in countries such as the UK and Malta has already been reached. “We cannot escape from the variant”, reiterates Kluge, who cites forecasts according to which, “given the number of unvaccinated people”, it is estimated that “between January and May 40 countries out of 53 will sooner or later suffer a high level of stress” on health facilities, due to the high number of hospitalizations and intensive care units employed, and for the contagion of health workers “. This is a” crucial moment “, says Kluge.” It is important that country by country evaluates or reevaluate the protocol of tampons and quarantine “.” This is a phase in which we must move to the “reduction of hospitalizations and deaths, but no more of transmission. We must avoid health problems in schools and the economy”. BOOSTER “Nobody can escape al Sars-Cov2 “he reiterates. Kluge says he is “more on the side of optimism”, but from what we see, immunity is obtained either through the vaccine, or with natural contagion, due to the very high transmission speed of Omicron “. For this, he insists,” it is very important that you decide on vaccination “because there is evidence that vaccinated people” are 10 times less likely to develop serious illness or die. “Kluge therefore stressed the importance of carrying out the third dose of the vaccine,” which is not a luxury “, as noted by other WHO exponents, and of access to antiviral drugs. HOPE The” trajectory “followed by Health Minister Roberto Speranza to face the Omicron wave” is the right one “. Kluge he then underlined “vaccination, booster doses, the use of masks” and “the great monitoring and access to antiviral drugs”. For Kluge, moreover, “it is very important that schools are the last to close and the first to reopen. “In quest At the stage of the pandemic, he says, “we need both political leadership and civil responsibility”.

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