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Vlhová was better than in the downhill, but it was not enough for the top ten –


Slovak skier Petra Vlhová took 18th place in her first super-G season. In Sunday’s race in Zauchensee, the Italian Federico Brignone enjoyed the victory, reaching a time of 1: 10.84 minutes.


Petra Vlhová in super goal G.

Corinne Suterová from Switzerland finished second with a tight deficit of four hundredths and Ariane Rädlerová from Austria finished third (+0.17 s). The leader of the overall order of the discipline Sofia Goggio from Italy did not succeed in the race and took 19th place.

Thirty-one-year-old Brignone has claimed her eighteenth World Cup victory and sixth super-G. It was in this discipline that she booked the last three triumphs, before Zauchensee she won in the current season in St. Moritz and last in Val di Fassa.

“I am very happy. I have a feeling that no one showed a perfect ride today, everyone was wrong somewhere. At the moment, I feel better in super-G than in the giant slalom, I got more in it, “said the winner for RTVS.

On Sunday she showed a clean ride, kept an ideal track and especially in the middle she went very fast. In the third half, she was clearly the best and was 17 hundred seconds faster than the previous leader Rädler, who took the first podium of her career.

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Of the other racers, only Suter was able to endanger Italy, she was very close, but she lost in the middle and in the end she was missing four hundredths of a second. After a hard fall in Saturday’s congress, Goggio scored 19th place and has only five points ahead of Brignone in the evaluation of the discipline.

After Saturday’s downhill, Vlhová completed the second start in the speed disciplines in this year’s World Championships and the first in the super-G. She stood on the track with number 4 and from the beginning she tried for an aggressive ride, on the third split she was continuously the first, but she did not manage the final section as imagined and after a mistake she came to the finish line with a loss.

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“I was doing quite well, even though I made a big mistake, so the feeling was good. Basically, I was late and then I didn’t catch up with other goals. The coaches told me to take more space above the goal, but unfortunately, I made a mistake. These were my first races this season, so we are satisfied, “said Vlhová in the video of the Slovak Skiing Association (ZSL).

She was 90 hundredths of a second short of the winning Brignone and finished 18th. She scored thirteen points in the evaluation of the World Championships and in the overall ranking she came again from the second place to the leader Mikaele Shiffrin, who did not start in Zauchensee. After Sunday, she loses only 37 points to the American.

Super-G in Zauchensee:
1. Federica Brignone (ITA) 1: 10.84 min, 2. Corinne Suter (CHE) +0.04 s, 3. Ariane Rädler (AUT) +0.17, 4. Marta Bassinová (ITA) +0.43, 5. Tessa Worley (Fr.) +0.51

Laura Gaucheová (Fr.) +0.51, 7. Alice Robinsonová (NZL) +0.53, 8. Elena Curtoniová (ITA) +0.59, 9. Ester Ledecká (CZE) +0.60 , 10. Lara Gutová-Behramiová (CHE) +0.64,… 18. Petra VLHOVÁ (SR) +0.90

Overall standings SP (22 of 37):
1. Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) 966 b, 2. VLHOVÁ 929, 3. Sofia Goggio (ITA) 669, 4. Sara Hectorová (Sweden) 582, 5. Brignone 547, 6. Gutová-Behramiová 469

Super-G ranking (5 of 9):
1. Goggio 332 b, 2. Brignone 327, 3. Elena Curtonio (ITA) 248, 4. Gut-Behramio 206, 5. Shiffrin 205, 6. Ragnhild Mowinckel (NOR) 172,… 42. VLHOVÁ 13

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