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Tragic traffic accident in Košice: Polish driver knocked down a pedestrian († 29), succumbed to injuries on the spot –


“According to previous findings, a driver from Poland drove a truck, consisting of a tractor with a semi-trailer, on the road in the direction from the Green Court to Košice. “In a maneuver, he caught the left rear of the semi-trailer. The pedestrian fell on the road, where another truck set up in the same direction,” said Ivan.

Source: Facebook / Police of the Slovak Republic – Košice Region

The pedestrian at the scene of the accident was injured

The pedestrian suffered injuries incompatible with his life, which he unfortunately suffered at the scene of the accident. “The presence of alcohol in truck drivers has not been established, whether a pedestrian was under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics or psychotropic substances will be checked at an ordered autopsy. “ Ivanová added.

Tragic traffic accident in

Source: Facebook / Police of the Slovak Republic – Košice Region

Police are calling on drivers to be extra careful

How exactly this tragic traffic accident occurred, what was its cause and to what extent its participants contributed to it, will be the subject of further investigation, according to Ivan. The police call on pedestrians to monitor the traffic, but especially to cross the road in places designated for that purpose. They also avoided risk areas, were sufficiently convinced that they could enter the road without imminent danger, and were marked with reflective elements in a visible place. Police also call on drivers to be extra careful. It recommends drivers to anticipate, adjust their driving speed and pay attention wherever people are expected to move.

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