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VIDEO: A huge volcano eruption in the Pacific caused a tsunami. The explosion was visible only from space – REFRESHER


The rumble was also heard in Alaska.



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Source: TASR / AP / NICT / Kent Porter

In the island state of Tonga, there was a massive eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano. The blast was so big that people around the world could feel it, even in Alaska. There was also a short increase in pressure due to the eruption of the volcano in Slovakia, the station informs Meteo East.

However, the blast triggered a tsunami that flooded the Pacific coast from Japan to the United States. Even from space, you could see the volcano spewing smoke and ash into the air. The eruption of the volcano was captured by dramatic satellite images.

Source: TASR / AP / NICT

However, it is still unclear what damage the explosion in Tonge caused as communication lines were cut off. However, we have information that the coast of the Tongan capital was flooded by a tsunami of 1.2 meters. The locals had to leave it and leave the flooded houses behind. Small stones and ashes fell from the sky. It is still possible that this explosion will be followed by another, much stronger explosion.

Waves of 1.2 meters also hit the coast of Japan. Even in New Zealand (2,300 km from Tonga), people had to flee the northern coastal areas. About 120 people were evacuated and several boats were destroyed when a huge wave hit the port. The water in the California town of Santa Cruz, where traffic was interrupted due to the explosion, also flooded the water.

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