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Sulík welcomes extraordinary meeting due to agreement with USA: Clear attitude to opening schools, digs into the council – NEW TIME


The Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic Richard Sulík (SaS) would personally have the Agreement on Defense Cooperation between Slovakia and the United States of America assessed the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic.

He appeared in the program In Politics on television TA3 with the proviso that this is the competence of the President of the Slovak Republic and it will be up to her alone to decide.

“Basically, I think it’s good to discuss this and take people’s concerns and explain to them which article he’s talking about.” Sulík said in connection with the convening of an extraordinary session of the parliament concerning the draft agreement with the USA, which was convened by the opposition party Smer – social democracy.

According to the Minister of Economy, Slovakia will not be rescued from opening schools. At the same time, in the program Politika on TA3, he pointed out that schools have been influencing measures against the spread of COVID-19 for the last two years. He stressed that the possible closure of schools would certainly veto. According to him, another solution, such as self-tests, should come. He pointed out that regional hygienists have the opportunity to close a school if an outbreak breaks out. At the same he noted that he did not question the expertise of the council in the field of COVID-19, but that if the economist, psychologist, sociologist or educator did not sit in the consul, the decisions of this body would not be relevant to him.

“How long do we not want to educate the children? If we have the last infected person here? After all, we have not educated children for the second year or we educate them to a very limited extent through any online access, ” assessed that the children belonged to the school.

Sulík: The tax brake is agreed, just accept it

The provisions of the Constitutional Act on Budgetary Responsibility, which relate to the so-called tax brake, have already been agreed with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Ľuboš Jančík, and it is enough to adopt them, says Sulík. However, the Minister of Finance Igor Matovič (OĽANO) has long rejected the tax brake.

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