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Skiing – Petra Vlhová and Ester Ledecká work together again: We have to connect | Š – Š


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Smaller teams have teamed up to do what the big ones can do. In a way, the cooperation of the Slovak team Petra Vlhová with the Czech team Ester Ledecká was renewed. However, there are several countries in the international group. The initiator of the entire connection is Ledecká coach Tomáš Bank.

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We informed about this cooperation and the international group directly from Zauchensee on Thursday, when Petra Vlhová confirmed it to us after the first training of the congress. “We are connected with other teams, there are more of us. I don’t know exactly who is there, but I know that the Czechs are also there, “ she said for Š

But she didn’t know more details. Since this is mainly a matter for the coaches, we asked Mauro Pini, Vlhová’s coach. “Several teams work together, we are part of an international group. With the Czech Republic, Sweden, Australia and some other smaller teams. “

Vlhová and Ledecká had cooperation in the last season, but they should not have continued in the current season. However, the creation of a larger group once again united the Slovak and Czech ski stars.

Ester Ledecká during the interviews in Zauchensee.

Source: Š, Alžbeta Takácsová

The initiator of the creation of the international group was coach Tomáš Bank, who, after a congress on Saturday, gave an interview to Martin Charvát from Czech Radio, in which he explained the cooperation in more detail.

“Small teams always have a problem with few people. For example, we have nine positions here, so we have to unite. There are situations when there are few of us, now there are quite a few of us. We are cooperating, for example, with the Australian Greta Small, with whom we do not need to cooperate, but we will film her and help her because she is alone, “ said Bank.

Positions mean places on the track from where coaches shoot or watch skiers. During the races, they share their knowledge of the rides directly on the races and exchange videos after them. “Cooperation works in reporting. The people on the track communicate with each other and get a picture of how to drive. ”

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The Czech team can make perfect use of it already in Sunday’s super-G, starting at 11:30, when Ester Ledecká will be 19th. The bank receives information on the radio and then moves it to Ledecká to start.

“I’ll gather the information and then share it with Franz Gamper (second coach of Ledecká) I will hand over. Other coaches from other teams are not talking to her. ” Petra Vlhová will be fourth, so she won’t get that much information.

Similar problems and collaborations do not have to be solved by larger teams, which can cover all positions. “Austria, Italy or France can do it all themselves. They don’t share it, but when we need something, the Italians or the French are fine with it, ” spoke for Czech Radio Tomáš Bank.

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