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The prosecutor filed a motion to take Norbert Bödör into custody – TVNOVINY.sk


Jan 15, 2022

15. 01. 2022 13:58, the article was updated 15. 01. 2022 15:35 | BRATISLAVA / tvnoviny.sk

His detention is related to the Valčeky case.

Norbert Bödör.
Photo: TASR

The prosecutor proposed that Norbert Bödör be taken into custody. Bödör’s lawyer Marek Para confirmed this to Markíza TV. The judge of the Specialized Criminal Court (ŠTS) in Pezinok will start deciding on the proposal on Sunday from 9.00 am, said ŠTS spokeswoman Katarína Kudjáková.

Bödöra was released on Thursday from the custody he had been in since July 9, 2020 for the Cattle cause. He is charged in the Purgatory case and also faces charges in the Judas case.

In the end, Bödör only woke up for a few hours. Police detained him again in connection with the allegations in the Valčeky case. In this case, there is a bribe in the amount of 70,000 euros, which was admitted by the former investigator and head of the Bratislava financial unit Marián Kučerka. The money was to be handed over to him gradually by his superior Bernard Slobodník, who allegedly had it from Bödör.


In the past, Kučerka investigated an international debut case known as Valčeky, in which he figured as a suspect Štefan Žiga – nephew of former Minister Petr Žiga. After his own arrest in action, Judas admitted that at the time of the Valcek investigation, Bernard Slobodník had taken him to a meeting with three men, of whom he met only the then Minister Petr Žiga. He later found out that the other two were Norbert Bödör and Štefan Žiga. When NAKA later detained 32 people in the case, she left Štefan Žiga.

Kučerka testified why he did not accuse him in the end, even though he had originally planned it. He deleted the name of the minister’s relative from the draft resolution.

“When /Freelancer/ found out that there was Štefan Žiga, broke into my office and told me that Štefan Žiga was his friend and let him immediately exclude him from the resolution. And what would it look like from a political point of view if a family member of the minister were accused, “said the expolicate at the interrogation.

Marián Kučerka confirmed that Bernard Slobodník later gave him money. “He didn’t tell me anything about it. When I looked at the envelope, there was 20,000 euros in 500-euro banknotes, “Kučerka said. Slobodník was supposed to get the money, in his own words, from Norbert Bödör.