• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Artist Peter Kalmus and activist Michal – Denník N


Jan 15, 2022

Today, artist Peter Kalmus and activist Michal Greško tore down a sign in the village of Varína called Jozefa Tisu Street. It is the only street with this name in Slovakia.

According to them, it is unthinkable that in 2022 the streets in the EU country would be named after war criminals.

“So we ask, who is responsible for this? Is the person who called the street responsible, are the deputies of the local council in Varín responsible who do not act and do not rename the street, or are we all those who are indifferent to this fact responsible? ”Kalmus and Greško ask.

They recall that the NAKA also took part in the case, accusing ten deputies of Varín who did not agree with the renaming of Dr. Jozef Tisu, but the charge was dropped, as failure to do so is not a crime.

“Since we can no longer look at this helplessness and shame in public space, we decided to take action and remove the board with the name of the war criminal and take it to the district department of the Police Force in Žilina.”

The police did not want to comment on the case. “The police do not provide information to specific individuals. We provide information on cases, and only to the extent that the state of the specific investigated, clarified, resp. the matter under investigation. “