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The comic strip “Molière, the impromptu of Pézenas” tells the life of the illustrious playwright in the Hérault – Franceinfo


Jan 15, 2022

For the 400th anniversary of the birth of Molière, a psmall publishing house in Hérault, Aldacom, has just released an album dedicated to the famous playwright. Title Molière the impromptu of Pézenas, this comic book by Olivier Cabassut and Benoît Lacou recounts Molière’s stay in this small town in Hérault. The opportunity for the authors of the book to make the author of Tartuffe or Imaginary illness to younger people.

The comic strip has this particularity that it has several levels of reading and above all it is accessible to the greatest number. All that can interest the youngest to love Molière is winning.

Alain d’Amato Editor

And the choice of Pézenas is not the result of chance. While on tour with his troupe throughout France, Molière stopped there between 1650 and 1656 at the request of the Prince de Conti, the king’s cousin, to entertain his court.

It was in Pézenas that the actor, sitting on the wooden armchair of his friend the barber, had fun observing the characters of everyday life. This famous armchair on which Molière gave free rein to his imagination and which has since become the centerpiece of the city museum.

Molière, the impromptu of Pézenas published by Aldacom (France 3)

It was therefore in Pézenas that Molière invented the famous and recurring characters in his plays, such as the intelligent and mischievous valet, Sganarelle.

Pézenas will remain in the memory of Molière all his life through the traits and through his characters as The Bourgeois Gentleman, The precious ridiculous Where Don Juan.

If local artists have chosen to pay tribute to the one who made them laugh and think, it is because from his years in the south, Molière, then a simple actor, became an author and director of a troupe. After years spent in this small town in the south of France, Molière returned to Paris where he became famous.

The cartoon storyline Molière, the impromptu of Pézenas was written by Olivier Cabassut, known for his roles in TV series. For the drawings, the publisher called on Benoit Lacou, an artist from Bordeaux.

Molière will be born in the region as a playwright, hence the phrase of Marcel Pagnol, Poquelin was born in Paris, Molière in Pézenas.

Olivier Cabassut


For this special Molière weekend, the actor and director Francis Perrin, offers a show on January 15 at 8:45 p.m. at the municipal theater of Pézenas. Women’s school will also be played on January 16 at 5 p.m. at the Palais des Congrès in Cap d’Agde.