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The worst hairstyle in horror history ?! Courteney Cox scares to this day, it’s a life lesson – PRAVDA.sk


Jan 15, 2022

It is one of the most famous horror series and exactly 25 years have passed since the first part was created last year. However, the year 2022 is marked by the return of Vreskot. And even his most famous faces (who have survived past episodes).

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Actress Courteney Cox in a shot from the new film Scream, which comes to theaters in 2022.

One of the stars who succeeded is the American actress Courteney Cox, who played reporter Gale Weathers in the horror series. In a recent talk show on Drew Barrymore, the former star of the Friends bookmaker also talked about “screaming” history, she revealed an interesting pike.

“Every episode of Scream tried to come up with a different look for Gale that would be even more pronounced, horrible, or too much,” said Cox, 57. When Barrymore and I took on the “looky” horror movies, the Hollywood star in the third film caused the most uproar. There, she had a very high cut bang, which even at the time of the film’s premiere aroused mixed reactions from the audience.

“It was the worst, I almost forgot about her. But there was nothing worse. I take it as a great lesson in life, because it will be in the film forever, “the actress said with a laugh. Comments or so-called “mems” even appeared on her Internet address. “One of them, for example, said,” If you feel completely under the dog, remember Courteney Cox’s hairstyle at Vreskote 3. “

These words did not leave Cox’s ex-husband – actor David Arquett, who also performed in the series Vreskot, cold. “I have to admit and take responsibility. I designed the Bettie Page visage (note: the famous American model of the 50’s of the last century) and somehow it didn’t work, “he said.

In the new film Vreskot, Cox returns together with the main heroine, played by Neve Campbell. And it seems that both ladies have opted for very natural and attractive hairstyles. What do you say?