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Jojkár Rasťo Ekkert (56) ended up behind bars: ALCOHOL behind the wheel … He inflated almost 3 per mille! – Topky.sk


Jan 15, 2022

The diary was the first to bring the information New time. The editor sat behind the wheel with almost 3 per mille of alcohol in his breath, which was also quite noticeable on his ride. The inhabitants of Hnúšť immediately called the police. “On Thursday, January 13, shortly after 8 a.m., police officers from the Hnúšte District Department stopped on Route II. class between Brezina and Bradno called a Ford Transit truck and the driver to submit documents and perform a breath test, ” Mária Faltániová, a police spokeswoman from Banská Bystrica, said.

Rasťo Ekkert has a real problem with his neck.

Source: Tv Joj

“He blew 2.68 per mille. The driver was charged with an addictive substance, his personal liberty was restricted and he was placed in a police cell. The case will be closed in super-fast proceedings, “ added Faltániová. According to the daily, Ekkert spent several hours in CPZ in Rimavská Sobota and was presented to the judge late in the afternoon.

The reason for his crazy ride under the influence of alcohol was supposed to be unhappy love. “Rasto had an argument with the girlfriend he lives with, and she kicked him out of the house. The reason was his hobby in alcohol, which she could no longer bear, ” revealed a source from the city. Along with the jojkárs, his two dogs were to be found in his van, which was drunk drunk.

Rasť Ekkert was caught by the police under the influence of alcohol.
Jojkar Rasto Ekkert (56)

Source: Tv Joj