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“You’ll have to run over my body!” : Lola Marois-Bigard totally opposed to the vaccination of her children – Closer France


Jan 15, 2022

Friday January 14, 2022, Lola Marois-Bigard was invited to the Touche set not at my post. Asked to react to the compulsory vaccination for children, the actress revealed that she did not want to vaccinate her twins, Jules and Bella.

A debate that made him react enormously! Friday January 14, 2022, Cyril Hanouna launched a debate on compulsory vaccination for children on the set of Do not touch My TV. Mom of two nine-year-old children, Lola Marois-Bigard explained: “I am neither pro-vax nor anti-vax, I am nothing at all! I am a mother, I try to trust! I want to take a step towards medicine. We are told all the same, without being pro-vax, that serious forms are avoided in adults who have comorbidities, etc. Why with this reasoning, it does not seem that serious forms can be avoided in children who have comorbidities, who have fragile health or who are immunocompromised?

While Cyril Hanouna asked her if she wanted to have her children vaccinated, the response of the wife of Jean Marie Bigard did not wait.Absolutely not ! I am completely against it, I will have to go over my body so that I vaccinate my children today!“, she replied before declaring: “On the other hand, I think that we must stop with these messages which are anxiety-provoking, which are deleterious to the mental health of our children and parents. All this is very bad for our mental health! We’re scaring everyone, it’s not possible. We cannot advocate a vaccine for children when the risk benefit is as… Finally, we are swimming in delirium!

Lola Marois-Bigard: “We must leave our children alone!”

During this discussion, the actress explained: “Me, I’m willing to take a step as I told you, towards medicine, I’m willing to tell myself that it avoids serious forms in adults. I have people who have comorbidities, etc. I really want to think like that! I think that it has nevertheless been demonstrated that it avoids certain serious forms, so I am nevertheless someone very moderate and very temperate! Now, vaccinating children…” To conclude, Lola Marois-Bigard added: “We are frightened by being told that there is an increase in cases of children admitted to intensive care. They are not admitted for Covid at the base, for the most part, they are admitted for other illnesses! (…) So, there are co-infections, there are bronchiolitis, there are many children who are placed in intensive care to be monitored because they are small and their immune system is still very weak, and we are told about his children, we are frightened! It’s bad for our mental health! We must leave our children alone!


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