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The fourth wave has already begun: OMIKRON has probably already hit some districts! THIS will be the most important – Topky


Jan 15, 2022

Although it is not yet visible in the official data, experts are already talking about the onset of the fourth wave. New COVID measures to mitigate the effects of the omicron wave will also come into force next week. Several countries are taking measures to prevent, in particular, massive shortages of staff, teachers and other staff.

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The fourth wave is here

The fourth wave is here. This is evidenced by a significant increase in positivity in some districts. According to analysts from Data without Pathos, the situation has deteriorated significantly in ten districts, with most of them going to the border areas mainly in the north and east. The highest increase is compared to other days in the district of Snina. The districts of Stropkov and Tvrdošín follow.

Source: Data without pathos

It was in these three districts that the situation deteriorated significantly due to a seven-day incidence from PCR tests. The ten districts in which the situation has significantly deteriorated are complemented by the districts of Námestovo, Dolný Kubín, Sabinov, Stará Ľubovňa, Prešov, Komárno and Turčianske Teplice.

The fourth wave is already

The fourth wave is already

Source: Data without pathos

The growth is due to the omicron

The omikron variant is to blame for the increase. “In the dark-colored districts, we are already growing due to the omicron, and in the very pale districts, we are still declining due to the receding delta,” analysts said. “If you see the high-risk border districts with Hungary and with Poland and Bratislava, so it will be: the numbers will go up here, the growth will be early and probably steep,” they stated.

The first patients will be sent omikron to the hospital in two weeks

Omicron should send the first patients to the hospital in two weeks, with higher incomes in low-vaccination districts. In the case of omicron, everyone can be infected in the same way, but the unvaccinated has a higher risk of hospitalization. “The difference is that vaccinated and overcome after infection go to the hospital very, very rarely (young) and rarely (seniors) who, simply put, appear in the hospital 10 times less often than the unvaccinated or unconscious due to omicron.” stated. We would have the peak of the wave according to previous estimates experience at the turn of the months.

The possibility of shortening the quarantine is here

The Minister of Health Vladimír Lengvarský admitted the possibility of shortening the quarantine of the COVID-19 disease in connection with the arrival of the omicron wave. He stated that they would regularly review the situation and respond to its development. “If it takes place in a similar way as in other countries, it will, of course, affect more areas, more segments. Of course, we will respond to the situation in society. The possibility of shortening the quarantine is there. It has no medical or professional reason yet.” said Lengvarský.

Prime Minister Eduard Heger confirmed that they have been discussing this possibility in the coalition for a long time. Several countries around the world are approaching the reduction of mandatory quarantine for COVID-19 in connection with the omicron variant. In Slovakia, too, various associations are already drawing attention to the possible massive shortfall of employees that this wave could bring.

New measures, wearing respirators must be strongly required

From next Wednesday, new measures will come into force within the so-called COVID manual. Slovakia will operate in four regimes, mass events will be divided according to risk. A novelty is the OP + regime, in which even two doses of vaccination will no longer be enough. Fully vaccinated will have to have either a third, so-called booster dose, evidence of COVID-19, or a negative test.

The fourth wave is already

Some experts criticize that the measures complicate the lives of the vaccinated, while some are in favor, as they said there was enough time for the vaccination. The fact is that in Slovakia, almost 1.2 million people are vaccinated with the third dose, and the number of vaccinated people is increasing. If all fully vaccinated were vaccinated with the third dose, the OP + regime would be met by almost 2.7 million people. Wellness, fitness centers, water parks and spas will operate in this mode. If accommodation facilities want to operate without limits, they will also have to implement OP +. As for mass events, they will operate in three modes, high-risk also only in OP +.

The most important thing will be to follow the basic precautions. Immunologist Vladimír Leksa for Topky described four measures, which would suffice as the new measures are complicated and are likely to change again. Hospitals and health professionals need to be supported, vaccinated, respirators indoors need to be urgently required, and any respiratory illness must be kept at home and not spread.