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According to Remišová, they should prosecute Žilina in discipline with Krasnov – SME.sk


Jan 15, 2022

The Prosecutor General’s Office has said it will not respond to politicians.

BRATISLAVA. Attorney General Maroš Žilinka should prosecute disciplinary parties for celebrations with an EU sanctions list.

Party chairwoman For the People and Deputy Prime Minister Veronika Remišová she stated this in response to his participation in the celebrations of the anniversary of the Russian prosecutor’s office, where he was invited by the local prosecutor general Igor Krasnov.

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Prosecutor General’s Office she responded by not responding to politicians’ statements.

“Maroš Žilinka has publicly trampled on the human rights values ​​on which Slovakia is built. Joint celebrations with a man on the sanctions list agreed by all EU countries, including the Slovak Republic, are an unacceptable violation of the national interests of the Slovak Republic. Maroš Žilinka should be responsible for this act. disciplinary prosecuted, “Remišová said in a statement provided to TASR by the party’s press department.

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According to Konrád Rigó, a former state secretary of the Ministry of Culture, working in the non-parliamentary party Alliance, science-fiction is a report on cooperation between the GP of the Slovak Republic and the Russian Federation. According to him, it does not make sense to rely on Russian experts to detect crimes in the field of extremism and cybercrime. “What’s worse is behind the line,” he said.

In recent days, Žilinka has participated in the celebrations of the anniversary of the establishment of the Russian Prosecutor’s Office.

On the sidelines of his participation, he said that he considered personal contact and communication with the heads of partner prosecutors’ offices abroad, including the Russian Federation, to be essential. During the working trip, the General Prosecutor’s Offices agreed to cooperate with each other.

Russia’s Attorney General Krasnov appears on EU sanctions list after Russian opposition politician Alexei is arrested Navaľného. Before leaving, several politicians and MEPs asked Žilina to reconsider or cancel the planned trip to Russia.