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Disabled students: Eric Zemmour’s proposal triggers a new controversy


Jan 15, 2022

EDUCATION – Defending “the obsession with inclusion”, Eric Zemmour felt that children with disabilities should be welcomed in specialized establishments rather than with other children. Remarks castigated by the majority and the right. The candidate explained himself on Saturday morning.

A new controversy around Eric Zemmour’s proposals. At a meeting on Friday in Saint-Quentin (Aisne) on the theme of education, the polemicist felt that children living with a disability should be welcomed in specialized establishments rather than in traditional establishments.

“The obsession with inclusion is a bad way for children and teachers”, explained the candidate during a round table organized with teachers.

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Eric Zemmour, from polemicist to presidential candidate

“Pitiful Statement”

“In wanting to take disabled children out of the school of the Republic, Eric Zemmour, by this pitiful declaration, illustrates once again his rejection of differences”, replied on Twitter the Secretary of State for Disabilities, Sophie Cluzel. “People with disabilities have their place in society.”

“Scandalous remarks by Eric Zemmour on the education of disabled children whom he wants to exclude from school in an ordinary environment”, reacted for his part Damien Abad, the boss of the LR group in the National Assembly. “This segregation on all floors is an absolute shame. Yes, we must be obsessed with inclusion”, he added, asking the polemicist “public apology”.

The expression of the candidate also aroused hostile reactions in the associative circles and mixed on the social networks, certain actors of the sector considering that the specialized structures are essential for certain handicaps.

Zemmour is justified

This beginning of the controversy led the polemicist to provide more consensual details, Saturday morning, in a series of tweets where he defends “adapted, personalized and flexible solutions”.

“I am very attached to ensuring that there are bridges between education in a specialized and ordinary establishment”, assures Eric Zemmour, explaining that “Inclusion in ordinary schooling is not always the best choice for them if the difficulties can be better taken care of in specialized establishments”.

“These people are applying ideology to a human reality. I try to adapt the solutions that I propose to human beings who are different, not to apply an inclusive ideology to different realities”, also justified the candidate to LCI on Saturday.

On the school, Eric Zemmour shelled Friday several proposals, including the hardening of the conditions of recruitment of the professors, the suspension of the family allowances for the “disruptive students”, creation “reintegration boarding schools” for “the most violent”, or “the ban” from “Ideological interventions within the confines of schools”.

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