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Dispute between the Spears sisters. The war began after Britney spoke – Feminity.sk


Jan 15, 2022

Until recently, they had an exemplary relationship, but today it is far from possible to talk about it. These are perhaps Hollywood’s most famous sisters, Britney and Jamie.

From the moment you Britney she became famous with the song Baby One More Time, attracted attention. Her fame was so great that she almost immediately became a pop icon, which was of interest to the media from all over the world. The blonde singer appeared on the headlines, on the most important show business events, but also on TV shows, where everyone confessed to her.

Along with her, her much younger sister went to fame, Jamie Lynn Spears. She was only eight years old when Britney was rolling the world, but it was already clear then that, at least because of the famous currency, she had a different childhood than her peers. That’s what happened, and Jamie was offered a role in a children’s television series where she starred for a while. However, she shocked the fans as much as Britney herself. While the singer faced a psychological breakdown, her younger sister gave birth to her first child at the age of 16.

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She was supposed to be her guardian

From that moment on, the lives of the two sisters changed significantly. While she was Britney Spears For many years under the tutelage of her father, Jamie gave birth to her second child and happily married. Despite the 10-year age difference, the Spears seemed close to each other. The singer even asked in court for her court to change her guardian – and for her younger sister to become her guardian. According to the official statement, she was much closer to Britney and was her best friend.

However, this did not seem to be the case at all. From the moment Britney managed to get rid of custody, she also spoke publicly about her relationship with her sister. “She never had to move a finger. He got everything on a golden tray, ” she spoke publicly, adding that her sister had benefited shamefully from her fame.

“I don’t like my sister performing and singing my songs, ” she stated vigorously while unfollowing her sister on social media. However, Jamie defends that Britney still wanted only the best and was still here for her. However, the singer herself sees it differently, and now, at the time when she is finally free, she refuses to talk.

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