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Booba: the rapper takes it very violently to Stromae and his suicidal ideas – Closer France


Jan 15, 2022

Friday January 14, 2022, Booba violently attacked Gims, Orelsan and Stromae. Obviously not a fan of the Belgian artist’s latest title and his performance on TF1’s 8 p.m. news, he openly mocked his suicidal thoughts.

A stunning performance… Sunday January 9, 2022, Stromae created the surprise by interpreting his new title, entitled L’enfer, on the set of the 20 hour newspaper of TF1. “I’ve had suicidal thoughts at times, and I’m not proud of that. Sometimes we think it’s the only way to silence them, these thoughts that make me live through hell“, sang the artist in particular. If the fans loved this new song, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the World Health Organization, also praised the title of the artist. On Twitter, he thus writing : “Thank you Stromae for raising the difficult theme of suicide on your latest album. It is so important to ask for help when you are hurting and to support those who need help.

Obviously not a fan of the new song by the belgian artist, Booba attacked him, gims and to Orelsan by sharing a photo of the trio on the Instagram account of his media OKLM. In the caption, the rapper wrote: “Three big shits and the other, he comes back inflated with Xanax on TF1! He talks to us about his depression, but bro, the whole world is sinking, we don’t give a fuck about your life. What use are you to us, we didn’t wait for you to get depressed. We no longer have any freedom. Go get your pills and stay in bed!!! Oh I can’t take it anymore, sorry!“In story, the rapper added a layer of it by writing:”Be proud of your weaknesses my son! Give up when it’s hard, be a big victim and may failure be with you! And take your pills before you pee in bed!

Outpouring of support for Stromae

Following the words of Booba, many Internet users expressed themselves in turn on social networks. One of them explained in particular:Rappers, and especially Booba, are the first to talk about their lives in their sounds, and that’s why we like it, because we know it’s authentic. I don’t see why Stromae, on the pretext that it’s variety, wouldn’t have the right to do it.Another revealed:Booba humanly, he is really detestable, I swear to you, it’s a crazy thing what he said, however, he knows very well that he has a lot of influence, but he allows himself to say things like that.“Finally, a user added:”One liberates man’s speech by describing a disease that causes a lot of deaths each year, the other liberates hatred to promote his character or his feeling of being superior.


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