• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Czechs report over 13,000 new cases of COVID-19: Hospital news pleases – NEW TIME


Jan 15, 2022

On Friday, there were 13,151 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic, which is the largest daily increase in the past month. It’s about twice as infected as the previous Friday.

This follows from data on the website of the Ministry of Health. Despite the accelerating spread of the epidemic the number of hospitalized with COVID-19 dropped to 1,802 on Friday, the lowest since the end of last October. People in hospitals are about a third less than the previous Friday.

The daily increases in the number of infected people have been rising steadily for about two weeks now. At the turn of December and January, they still held under 10,000 cases per day. By contrast, the number of people who have ended up in hospitals with COVID-19 is still declining. The decline began in early December, when around 7,000 were hospitalized and more than 1,000 were in serious condition. There are now almost four times fewer people in hospitals and 339 of them were in a difficult state by Friday.