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Logan Paul lost $ 3 and a half million. He bought a fake Pokémon card – REFRESHER


Jan 15, 2022

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Youtuber was warned in advance, but he did not listen.



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Source: Getty Images / Cliff Hawkins

The famous youtuber Logan Paul jumped on the hoax and was deprived of $ 3,500,000. At the end of last year, he bought a sealed box for this amount with the very first edition of Pokémon cards, which are highly valued goods. Even then, many people warned him that it was probably a fraud.

However, Logan Paul did not believe it and decided to buy the alleged first edition. On the Youtube yesterday he released a video where he and an expert opened the box, only to find out that GI Joe cards had been sent to him. In the comments, people complained about similar scams with Pokémon cards, which lost hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, the loss of more than 3 million will definitely freeze a little more.

Youtuber brothers Logan and Jake have become famous in recent years for their ongoing wrestling careers. Both are known to often have strong speeches, which always attract the attention of the crowds. For example, Logan has provoked the legendary boxer Mike Tyson in the past and claimed that he could beat him. However, he announced to the fans that in 2022 he did not plan to focus on his boxing career.

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