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Jan 15, 2022

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Petra Vlhová tries her speed disciplines for the first time this season. He will compete in downhill and super-giant slalom in Zauchensee, Austria. The premiere World Cup race took place here more than 40 years ago, which was dominated by the first Slovak ski slope, Jana Gantnerová-Šoltýsová.

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The former representative of Czechoslovakia, who presented herself three times at the Olympic Games, was the only Slovak woman who managed to win the World Cup for more than 30 years. Its success was first repeated by Veronika Velez-Zuzulová and later by Petra Vlhová. He still mentions his first victory.

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“It’s a historic moment for me. When you win a World Cup race, it’s really something you remember for a lifetime. We then opened a champagne in the hotel. There was a really nice atmosphere, ” stated for ŠPORT.sk. “At that time it was an unknown slope for all competitors. Maybe she was heavy, but quite nice and pretty. It had a different character than the one driving now. ”

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Source: ŠPORT.sk, Alžbeta Takácsová

Although not a long time has passed since her last competition, skiing is still one of her great hobbies. After several years of working on the hills, she exchanged slopes for a living room. “I really enjoy skiing. It’s nice to see low temperatures or it’s snowing and I’m watching from the comfort of the living room. It’s absolutely great. “

Gantner-Šoltýs did not escape the position of a World Cup fan, nor did the results of Petra Vlhová, who secured a small globe for slalom in mid-January. According to the former representative, the key to success is health, which Mikaela Shiffrin, for example, has already paid for at certain times of the season.

“I am very happy that they are succeeding in fulfilling what they set out to do before the season. I’m glad the whole team around her is fine and healthy. This is the alpha omega results that Peta achieves. ”

And what would the first winner of the congress in Zauchensee, the best slalom skier of the season, refer to competitions in speed disciplines? “She is careful. Don’t let any little thing go unnoticed. That’s what the little things are about performance. She has to drive speed disciplines, she showed it last year.

She just has to be very focused so as not to make the mistake she can make at that speed. I keep her thumbs up. Especially to make it healthy, to get used to speed, because she didn’t train her much. “

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Petra Vlhová

Source: SITA

Despite the increased concentration on technical disciplines, Petra Vlhová will not start in speed total from scratch. Her experience from the past should also help her adapt, as she underwent two timed training sessions in Zauchensee in 2020.

“In the slopes, the advantage is that once you know the slope, you know what to expect from it. But you have to get into it gradually, the speed is still a bit different than slalom. “

Jana Gantnerová-Šoltýsová is a former Czechoslovak national team member. She started three times at the Winter Olympics, became the European Junior Champion and the winner of the World Winter Universiade. In the World Cup, she achieved three podium places, one of which was the first place. Thanks to her, she was the only Slovak woman who managed to win until 2012. From 2009 to 2014 she was the president of the Slovak Ski Association (SLA).