• Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Payments from account to account in just a few seconds. These three banks will launch a novelty in a few days – TVNOVINY.sk


Jan 15, 2022

Payment from bank to bank in just a few seconds. The technological revolution that people have been longing for for years is coming to Slovakia in a few days. Initially, this service will be offered by only three banks, but there are also others in the pipeline that are already preparing for the novelty.

If you want to send a payment from one bank to another today, the recipient will usually arrive the next day. From 1 February, this will be a thing of the past, as the whole process will be compacted within ten seconds. This option will be offered by VUB, Slovenská sporiteľňa and Tatra banka.

“Instant payments bring really great benefits for clients. As soon as the client sends his funds in this way and at any time, they will arrive at the recipient within a few seconds. This applies not only to Slovakia, but also to 35 other European countries that have joined the provision of SEPA immediate payments, “said the bank’s PR manager Dominik Miša.

In practice, this means that the service will be available 365 days a year and it does not matter at all whether it is a holiday or a weekend.

“Immediate payments will be charged the same as traditional SEPA payments. These payments will be part of the service packages provided by Tatra banka and Raiffeisen banka. This means that our clients will not pay for them, “explained Tatra banka spokeswoman Simona Miklošovičová.

The free nature of such payments was also confirmed by VUB and Slovenská sporiteľňa. However, the institutions already point out that the service must be supported by the bank of both the sender and the recipient.

“Immediate payments will, however, only work between banks that have decided to offer this service,” added Slovenská sporiteľňa spokeswoman Marta Cesnaková.

Other banks are already being prepared

Although these are the three largest banks in Slovakia, many Slovaks who are not their clients will still not be able to use this service from 1 February. However, the good news is that other banks are already preparing for the introduction of the novelty.

“We want to enable clients to implement the so-called We are preparing for the implementation of this solution immediately, “said ČSOB spokeswoman Anna Tkáčová.

“Poštová banka brings solutions to its clients that simplify their lives, and therefore it plans to expand its payment services to include immediate payments in the future,” explained Lenka Kalafut Lendacká, a spokeswoman for Poštová banka.

“At 365th Bank, we are a supporter of every solution that will increase clients’ comfort or user experience in the area of ​​payments. As a bank, we are therefore working to prepare for the introduction of immediate payments and make them available to our clients. We will inform clients and the media about the exact date in time, “added 365th bank spokeswoman Linda Valko Gáliková.

According to our information, UniCredit Bank and mBank are also being prepared.