• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Covid today France, Green pass risk of expiry for 560 thousand people


Jan 15, 2022

There are about 560 thousand Green passes at risk of ‘expiry’ today in France, with the entry into force of the new rules on vaccination boosters. The figure was provided by the Ministry of Health of the government of Paris, recalling that for the certificate to remain valid the holder must have undergone the ‘booster’ dose within a maximum of seven months from the second vaccination or infection. The rules apply from today to all French people aged 18 and over. In mid-December, the rule had entered into force from the age of 65. Furthermore, from 15 February the maximum time period of seven months for the booster dose will be reduced to four. The booster must be done between three and seven months from the last inoculation or infection except for those who received the Janssen vaccine, where the booster dose with mRna vaccine must intervene starting four weeks after inoculation and for severely immunosuppressed patients. For those who have contracted Covid-19, a certificate of recovery is required and will be able to undergo a new vaccination three months after the date of the infection.