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Steam Deck: Valve reconfirms the release period with a photo of the test copies – GAMERGEN.COM


Jan 15, 2022

The Steam Deck, hybrid between a PC and a portable console, is the latest curiosity high tech dated straight out of the premises of Valve. The machine promises a computer-like experience for gamers, but with an interface designed to be a portable console. An interesting machine that is desired.

The first pre-orders were originally supposed to arrive late last year, but Valve at postponed the launch of its Steam Deck to February 2022. The fateful date is approaching, but the manufacturer gives reassuring news. In a statement shared on his website, Valve claims he will be able to begin shipments of his machine at the end of next February. Again, nothing is completely certain, the manufacturer takes tweezers in case unknown problems arise at the last moment, but the Steam Deck seems to be on its way.

Valve recall in passing that his program Steam Deck Verified continues, it’s there to assure gamers that every title in their catalog runs flawlessly on the console, with a system of green, orange or red pellets detailed a few weeks ago. The manufacturer focuses on four major points: controls, gameplay, display and system support, there is obviously work and not all games will have their certification at launch next month.

However, the development teams were already able to receive their first kits last month, in order to check the maximum clearance, other kits will be sent very soon. Valve share by the way a photo of these Steam Decks for internal testing and evaluation, to discover above. If you prefer a PC experience gaming more classic, computers are available on Amazon.

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