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400 years since the birth of Molière: the eternal youth of a timeless playwright


Jan 15, 2022



France 3
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C. Airaud, Y. Moine, J. Martin, T. Gilardet, Y. Saidani – France 3

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At the time of the TikTok generation, the playwright, who would have celebrated his 400th birthday on January 15, still finds favor with the younger generation.

Molière, who would have celebrated his 400th birthday on January 15, 2022, is a literary star. But in the age of TikTok and Instagram, how would it still be modern? It is between the walls of the Comédie Française, his venerable house, that we find the first elements of an answer. The troupe plays and rediscovers its repertoire every year. This week, the actors rehearse Tartuffe in a modern version.

For young artists, playing Molière is not at all outdated. He “explored all possible fields of the French language. He went everywhere. This is also why we speak ‘the language of Molière‘”, explains to France 3 the actor Loïc Corbery. “Molière speaks with a breath, a bite, a cruelty…”, enthuses on her side Marie Basuyaux, professor of letters at the Lycée Montaigne, in Paris. 400 years have passed, but Molière is still searching the human soul.