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The table difference did not deceive. Slovan disassembled Mikuláš into parts – PRAVDA.sk


Jan 15, 2022

MHk 32 Liptovsky Mikulas – HC Slovan Bratislava 1: 7 (0: 1, 1: 2, 0: 4)
Goals: 39. Jurík (Walega, Salija) – 2. Sukeľ (Gašpar), 22. Kytnár (Breton, Harris), 23. Valach (Gašpar, Beňo), 42. Rapuzzi (MacKenzie), 48. Rapuzzi (MacKenzie, Haščák), 56. Hascak, 60. Harris (Gaspar, Gachulinec). Judges: Hronský, J. Konc Jr. – D. Konc Jr., Hajnik, suspension: 4: 5 for 2 min, in addition: Varttinen 5 + 20 per battle – Belluš 5 + 20 per battle, Preisinger 2 + 10 per battle, power-ups: 0: 2, weakening: 0 : 0
Liptovsky Mikulas: Ivannikov (53. Kozel) – Varttinen, Ventelä, Mezovský, Salija, Droppa, Krempaský ​​- Hovorka, Kriška, Handlovský – Karpinnen, Walega, Obdržálek – Paločko, Haluška, Jurík – Feherpataky, Nemec, Dunčko
Slovan: Windsor – Golian, MacKenzie, Maier, Gachulinec, Breton, Valach, Beňo – Haščák, Rapuzzi, Yogan – Jääskeläinen, Harris, Fominych – Gašpar, Kytnár, Sukeľ – Šotek, Preisinger, Belluš

The duel favorite took the lead when Gašpar stabbed the opponent in the second minute, Sukeľ seized him and opened the score with a quick shot to the left post.

The first period was marked by a hard intervention on Šotek, after the ensuing battle, the local Varttinen and the visiting Belluš received personal punishments.

Liptovský Mikuláš could have equalized in the 11th minute, but the arrival of Obdržálek was neutralized by Windsor in Slovan’s goal. The home team paid for the missed chance at the beginning of the second act and twice.

In the 22nd minute, after a Breton shot, Kytnár puck arrived between Ivannikov and only a few tens of seconds later the home goalkeeper made a big mistake, after Gašpar’s shot the puck fell out of his trap and increased by three goals.

The Mikuláš team scored shortly before the second horn, Jurík reduced to 1: 3, to whom Walega deftly passed from behind the goal.

However, it was the only joy of the Liptovs in the match, but in the third period they collected up to four times. In the 42nd minute, Rapuzzi ran a MacKenzie shot from the blue line. Six minutes later, the same player used a power play.

Results of the 33rd round of the 1st Hockey League
Martin – Brezno 3: 1, Skalica – Dubnica 5: 1, Levice – Topolcany 3: 4 sn

He pushed through again with a successful run, and this time also after throwing MacKenzie. Obdržálek did not use his next opportunity. Koznik took the lead 53 minutes into the game, making the score 0 – 1 after some elegant movement down the middle. in the end, the high triumph of the leader of the table was further emphasized by Haščák and Harris.

Goals fell in the first period

Hockey players HC’05 Banská Bystrica lost in the 29th round of the Tipos extra league with HK Nitra 1: 2.

HC’05 Banska Bystrica – HK Nitra 1: 2 (1: 2, 0: 0, 0: 0)
Goals: 8. Björkung – 6. Hrnka (Raskob), 16. Buček (Holešinský, Š, Nemec). Judges: Štefik, Krajčík – Bogdaň, Janiga, suspension for the 2nd min: 5: 3, power-ups: 0: 1, weakenings: 0: 0, 741 spectators.
Banska Bystrica: Weninger – Cardwell, Bačík, Björkung, Crevier-Morin, Kostromitin, Matej Bača, Boldižár, Bdžoch – Melcher, Tamáši, Kabáč – Šoltés, Berger, G. Gabor – Michaud, Bubela, K. Jendroľ – Rákoš, Sojka, Bodnár
Nitra: O’Connor – Š. German, Mezei, Raskob, Švarný, Navel, Bayonet, Rais – Holešinský, Baláž, Buček – Hrnka, Rockwood, A. Sýkora – R. Varga, Bajtek, Múčka – Drábek, Šramaty, Volko

The duel started on the occasion of Bubel, after which the home team had the opportunity to play a power play. In it, O’Connor checked with a good shot, Šoltés. The guests were already in the lead with a full number of guests. Raskob fired from the blue and took the Mug – 0: 1.

The Bystriac responded in the eighth minute with Björkung, his first shot from the intermediate ring was covered by the goalkeeper Nitra, but he was no longer entitled to the second from the same place – 1: 1. The hockey players from Urpín could have added another goal, but neither Kabáč nor Tamáši could get the puck between the poles.

So it threw on the other side. The ‘Corgoni’ had two power-ups at their disposal, in the first one Raskob had not yet pushed through, but in the second it came out for Buček, who fired from the ring without preparation – 1: 2. Less than a minute before the break, Weninger tried to subdue Hrnek, but did not find the recipe.

In the second period, it was difficult to have a chance, the locals practically did not get into them at all. Players from Zobor could increase the score if Varga pushed himself up close and Buček, Holešinský and Rockwood tried it with good shots during the power play.

The latter also had the opportunity in a game of five against five, he did not move out of the circle. Goalkeeper O’Connor had little work, only problems were caused by Berger’s ending from the ring, when the ‘rams’ played in a large advantage.

In the third period, the Banská Bystrica people had a slight advantage, but they could not work out a clear chance.

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Bodnár came in a good position in the 49th minute, but O’Connor was not surprised. Later, the free Šoltés did not walk from about two meters. In the end, the hockey players from Urpín played in the six without a goalkeeper, but they could not get to the end. Nitra gained three points through skillful play.

Zvolen succeeded in Prešov

HKM Zvolen hockey players won Friday’s 41st round on the ice of HC GROTTO Prešov 5: 2. After the triumph, Petr Oremus’ charges are second to the table, losing five points to the leader Slovan Bratislava.

HC GROTTO Presov – HKM Zvolen 2: 5 (0: 1, 1: 2, 1: 2)
Goals: 26. Šimun (Michnáč), 46. Žilka (Šimun, Turan) – 16. Osterberg (Krieger, Leskinen), 22. Krieger (Kotvan, Osterberg), 25. Mikúš (Zuzin, Puliš), 51. Saracino (Puliš, Zuzin) ), 59. Stupka (Jedlička, Roy). Deciding: Orolín, Snášel – Durmis, Šoltés, disqualification: 6: 6, power-ups: 0: 1, weakening: 0: 0, 794 spectators.
HC GROTTO Prešov: Bespalov – F. Fekiač, Rajnoha, Glazkov, Bakala, Turan, Ružička, Tavoda – V. Fekiač, Ľjalka, Zagrapan, Žilka, Michnáč, Šimun, Welychka, Čacho, A. Nauš, Vas, Sýkora, T. Nauš
HKM Zvolen: Trenčan – Kotvan, Hain, Meliško, Roy, Hraško, Kubka, Čulík, Gubančok – Zuzin, Viedenský, Puliš, Leskinen, Krieger, Osterberg, Stupka, Mikuš, Jedlička, Csányi, Saracino, Török

Right at the beginning, Žilka had a good chance at home, but the puck aimed only next to the pole. Later, Čacho had an even better chance, but the home striker was unable to direct the puck to the open goal.

The people of Zvolen then threatened Krieger’s action, but Trenčan later had to intervene again after Bakal’s shot. In the 15th minute, the guests took the lead, Osterberg pushed through.

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In the second period, Zvolenčan’s introduction came out, Krieger prevailed between the circles.

A minute and a half later, Žilka sat on the penalty bench and although Ľjalka got a chance in the weakening, Zvolen nevertheless took advantage of the numerous advantage.

Mikúš brought him a three-goal lead with an accurate shot. By the end of the second period, however, the home team reduced when Šimun prevailed in a 4 to 4 game.

Later, Csányi had a chance, but from an angle he only hit the construction of the goal.

In the third period, it was the people of Prešov who enjoyed the goal first, Žilka scored the contact goal.

He was able to equalize Welychk immediately, but failed in the raid. The home team was disappointed with this moment, as Saracino broke through on the right 50 minutes into the game. Finally, Stupka had the final say, sealing the guests’ triumph.

Nové Zámky had no chance

Hockey players of HC Nové Zámky lost in the home match of the 29th round of the Tipos extra league Dukle Trenčín 1: 5. This was Dukla’s first match since December 22, and the “soldiers” had to postpone more duels for more positive coronavirus tests.

HC Nove Zamky – HK Dukla Trencin 1: 5 (0: 2, 0: 3, 1: 0)
Goals: 47. Jackson (Farley, Netherlands) – 11. Berisha (Lemcke, Tybor), 13. Berisha (German, Rehuš), 23. Krajč (Rehuš, Gaťár), 27. Mahbod (Minárik), 36. Mahbod (Berisha, Krajč ). Judges: Baluška, Moller – Junek, Jedlička, suspension: 2: 4, power-ups: 1: 0, weakenings: 0: 1, 1058 spectators.
HC Nové Zámky: Bakala (27. Lackovič) – Knižka, Bull, Hatala, Meszároš, Ligas, Holenda, Tóth – Ahlholm, Langkow, Klempa – Jackson, Šiška, Farley – Varga, Barto, Števuliak – Mišiak, Ondrušek, Ferenyi
HK Dukla Trenčín: Bowns – Lemcke, Kudla, E. Švec, Crinon, Mayor, Nemčík, Martiška, Krajčovič – Berisha, Mahbod, Tybor – Hudec, Valach, Honzek – Minárik, J. Švec, Bezúch – Krajč, Rehuš, Gaťár

The biggest question before the match was in what light the Trenčians will present themselves after the coronation.

From the first minutes it was clear that Dukla’s break helped, she was better on the ice of Nové Zámky and she shot the home team in the first twenty minutes.

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Two pucks got into the Bakalu net, in both cases the Canadian Berisha finished exactly. In the second period, two goals were scored and again both in the home team’s goal.

First, after the mistake of the Zámčany, Krajč escaped, he also used his chance 0: 3.

The same player found himself in another escape, even weakening himself, but this time failed. This power play did not hit the home team at all, after another mistake they punished Mahbod.

After this goal, Bakala was replaced by his substitute Lackovič. However, even this moment did not slow down the Trenčians, and by the end of the second twenty-minute period, Mahbod had scored their fifth goal again.

In the third period, the guests guarded their lead with an overview. They were not interrupted by Jackson’s goal, who adjusted the score of the match to the final 1: 5.

He was then close to Mahbod, but Lackovic caught him. The last word in the match was scored by Bowns, who did not allow Mišiak to score.

Derby for Michalovce

Hockey players of HK Dukla Ingem Michalovce won in the 29th round of the Tipos extra league over HK Spišská Nová Ves 3: 1. Forward Pavol Regenda took part in all three home goals. For Michalovce it was the fifth victory in a row, while three of them were just over Spišiak.

HK Dukla Ingema Michalovce – HK Spisska Nova Ves 3: 2 (0: 1, 3: 0, 0: 1)
Goals: 25. Regenda (Žitný), 31. Cameranesi (Regenda, Bokroš), 39. Cameranesi (Regenda, Mašlonka) – 19. Nieminen (Kuru, Rapáč) – 19. Nieminen (Kuru, Rapáč), 58. Petgrave (Salituro, Giľák) ). Judges: Korba, Žák – Stanzel, Kacej, disqualification: 5: 8 for 2 min., In addition Kukuča (Mich.) 10 min. OT for nešp. behavior, power-ups: 1: 0, weaknesses: 0: 0. Michalovce: Vošvrda – Pavlin, Macejko, Doherty, Suja, Bokroš, Gajdoš, Luža, Stripai – Regenda, Cameranesi, Kukuča – Galbavý, Galamboš, Keränen – Žitný, Buc, Faith – Lačný, Erkinjuntti, Mašlonka
Ves: Surák – Petgrave, Atwal, Beaudry, Romanák, Chatrnúch, Raspberry, Grec, Ordzovenský – Giľák, Salituro, Ščurko – Rapáč, Kuru, Nieminen – Vrábeľ, Rauter, Štrauch – Jžugan, Vartovník, Hamráček

In the 6th minute, the goalkeeper Surák held Suju with a promising chance and the guests’ defense also managed in two subsequent weaknesses.

Goalless scores did not change the chances of Keränen or Giľák, but more satisfied guests went to the cabins. In the 19th minute, Nieminen took care of that, the puck behind Vošvrda – 0: 1.

The middle part ideally went to the home team, who laid the foundation of their victory in it. In the 25th minute he equalized in the power play Regenda – 1: 1. The guests stopped the further weakening, but collected for the second time in the 31st minute, when Surák was overcome by Cameranes – 2: 1.

Snapshot from the match Michalovce - Spišská Nová Ves. Photo: TASR, Roman Hanc

Michalovce – Spisska Nova Ves Snapshot from the match Michalovce – Spišská Nová Ves.

With 38 minutes played, the visitors broke through on the right after some poor defending. The third goal of Michaloviec was taken care of again by Cameranesi in the 39th minute – 3: 1.

At the beginning of the third part, the guests got to a power play, but they did not surprise the home defense, led by the attentive goalkeeper Vošvrd.

The visitors kept the pressure on to tie the game when, after 58 minutes, Petgrave broke through the center and found himself alone with the keeper. At the end of the third period, the hurricanes also got to play with six skaters, but they were no longer able to equalize.

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