• Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

In the Czech Republic, the court imposed the first penalty for spreading hoaxes about coronavirus – SME.sk


Jan 14, 2022

The convict must apologize and pay 10,000 euros.

PRAGUE. The Municipal Court in Prague imposed the first ever punishment in the Czech Republic for spreading disinformation about coronavirus.

For spreading lies about the deaths of seniors after vaccination in a nursing home in the village of Měšice in the Central Bohemian Region, former journalist Jana Peterková has to publicly apologize and pay a fine of a quarter of a million Czech crowns (approximately 10,200 euros).

The court’s decision is not yet final, the iROZHLAS.cz portal informed on Friday.

“The court has banned her from disseminating this information and must pay a fine,” said Robert Falbr, a nursing home lawyer.

“Mrs. Peterková is obliged to apologize to my client in writing and publish this apology on social networks and on her website,” Falbr said. He added that Peterková must pay court costs in addition to the financial fine.

Peterková herself did not appear in court, claiming that she did not know about him. He wants to remove the video that contains the aforementioned claims from the Internet. However, it is planned to defend and take legal action.

The nursing home is suing Peterk for spreading vaccination lies. According to the Manipulátoři.cz server, she published an interview with Václav Vondráčková, who claimed that she worked at home and that after vaccines several seniors died against the coronavirus there.

The village of Měšice denies this. At the same time, she informed that her mayor Martin Čacký found out through the director of the company that operates the mentioned house that Vondráčková has not worked there since May 2020.