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Increase in the rate of booklet A: “It’s not enough”, for Valérie Pécresse, who wants the creation of an “l – franceinfo


Jan 14, 2022

The Republican candidate wish “merge the resources of booklet A with those of the Sustainable Development booklet”.

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The government announced Friday, January 14 to increase the rate of the booklet A to 1% from February 1, to deal with the inflation currently affecting France. “It’s not sufficient”, estimated Friday Valérie Pécresse, candidate Les Républicains in the presidential election, at the microphone of franceinfo.

“We have inflation which is at 2.5% or we are revaluing the booklet at 1%”, insists the candidate. “This means that in reality, all French people who have placed their savings in the livret A are losing money today.”

The candidate on the right explained that she wishes “merge the resources of booklet A with those of the Sustainable Development booklet” to create what she calls a “green book” : “I want the funds to be used for the country’s ecological transition.”

“You can imagine that if the Livret A account no longer becomes as popular since the French have the impression of losing money, concludes Valérie Pécresse, then we will lose financial means in the ecological transition that our country so badly needs, this is obviously not what I want.

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