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Jan 14, 2022

today 17:17

Slovak skier Petra Vlhová met her start number for the downhill in Zauchensee, which will be her first speed discipline of the season. The descent is scheduled for Saturday at 10.45, on Sunday it will be 11.30 super-G.

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The biggest favorite and winner of all three Italian conventions so far Sofia Goggio she chose start number five. She did not win Thursday’s training when everyone was surprised by German Kira Weidlová. However, she has already triumphed on Friday.

The Czech national team also had great training Ester Ledecká. In the first, she was sixth, in the second, only 0.03 seconds behind Goggio. He will be number seventeen on Saturday.

The question will be about the performance of the Swiss Lary Gutova-Behrami, which was almost a month away from the coronavirus infection and missed the Val-d’Isère convention. Since returning, she has only completed a huge slalom in Slovenia, where she finished fifth. She finished third in both training sessions before Saturday. He will go to the congress as the ninth in a row.

The second American finished in all previous events Breezy JohnsonHowever, she was injured before the event in Zauchensee and did not have time to recover, we will not see her that way on Saturday or Sunday.

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Petra Vlhová so far she has not ridden the congress, she focused only on technical disciplines, which brought her a premature gain of a small globe for slalom. Participation in Zauchensee should also serve as a preparation for the Olympic alpine combination.

In the first practice she was 35th with a loss of 3.51 seconds on the winner, in the second she improved by four places and lost only 2.87 seconds. He will have number six in the convention.

In downhill and super-G, drawing numbers works differently than in technical disciplines. We explain this in detail in the following article:

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Starting numbers in the downhill:

1. Ramona Siebenhofer

2. Priska Nuferová

3. Kira Weidlová

4. Ragnhild Mowinckel

5. Sofia Goggio

6. Petra Vlhová

7. Corinne Suter

8. Nicole Delag

9. Lara Gut-Behrami

10. Marie-Michele Gagnon

11. Mirjam Puchnerová

12. Jasmine Flury

13. Elena Curtoniová

14. Christine Scheyer

15. Tamara Tippler

16. Federica Brignone

17. Ester Ledecká

18. Ilka Stuhecová

19. Nadia Delagová

20. Stephanie Venier

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