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Tragedy in a facility for the elderly: A woman drowned in a lake! There is talk of suicide, the case is being solved by the police – Topky.sk


Jan 14, 2022

He brought the information daily Korzár, who also stated on his website that the poor woman was a client of the Patria elderly facility, but according to their sources, the unfortunate event should have come last Tuesday. “It happened in the afternoon, we don’t know who found her, but my aunt told me the lady was getting a boiler from the water,” the portal quoted a woman who also has a family member accommodated in the facility. It was from her that she was to learn of the whole misfortune.

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The case is already being dealt with by the police. “In connection with the death of a person, which occurred on January 4, 2022 under as yet unidentified circumstances in the lake of the recreation area in the cadastre of Drienovec, an investigator of the criminal police department of the Košice-okolie District Police and began criminal prosecution for the crime. The circumstances of the death shall be the subject of an investigation. “ said Košice regional police spokeswoman Jana Mésarová.

Tragedy in the facility for

Source: Facbeook / Police of the Slovak Republic – Žilina Region

What happened on the fateful day is not clear. However, according to the information available to Corsair, it was not an accident, but a suicide. The deceased woman even had to leave a farewell letter. She allegedly tried to reach for life in the past. The executive director of the facility, Judita Juhásová, did not confirm or deny this information to the daily. “In view of the ongoing investigation, we cannot comment on the situation in question.” stated.

In addition to the classic facilities for seniors in these areas, they also provide special care to clients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia or dementia.

Tragedy in the facility for

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Clients allegedly can move around the premises without restriction and control of employees. They should go on walks without reporting their movement to anyone. Even a poor woman, who was now walking, had to move around the area in this way with the help of a walker.

Several hiking trails pass through the area, in addition to the lake there is a cave, a park with a playground and a restaurant, which is open to the public. “The area is large and there is a lot of movement of people. When someone walks in there, it is not possible to determine unequivocally whether they are from the facility or a tourist. “ the portal quoted the mentioned woman, who has a family member in the facility.