• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Britney Spears responds to her sister’s revealing book in a social media exchange


Jan 14, 2022

(CNN) –– Britney Spears is not happy that her sister Jamie Lynn has published a book in which she talks about their turbulent relationship.

The singer commented on her younger sister’s interview on “Good Morning America,” in which she talked about her book Things I Should Have Said.

“I looked at my phone and saw that my sister did her interview to promote her book… I saw him with a fever of 40 degrees Celsius hahaha… And it was actually nice to have such a high fever because I had to resign myself to not worrying.” , tweeted Britney Spears in a series of messages.

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears opened up about each other in a series of social media posts.

In the book, Jamie Lynn Spears describes her sister’s behavior as sometimes “paranoid” and “erratic”.

Spears disagreed with her sister’s account: “She was never very close to me 15 years ago at the time. So why is she talking about it unless she wants to sell a book at my expense? TRUTH?”.

The “Zoey 101” star responded to her older sister’s Twitter thread on Instagram. And revealed that she and her family were receiving death threats.

“I hate to burst my sister’s bubble, but my book isn’t about her. It’s not my fault that I was born a Spears too, and that some of my experiences involve my sister. I’ve worked hard since before I was a teenager. And I’ve built my career despite just being someone’s little sister,” she wrote.

She added, “There are no sides, and I don’t want drama. But I speak my truth to heal my trauma, so I can close this chapter and move on, and I wish my sister could do the same. No matter what happens, I will always love my big sister and I’ll be here for her. It’s time to end the unhealthy chaos that has controlled my life for so long.”