• Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Kazakh ambassador to Rome: “Among terrorists also belonging to radical Islamic groups”


Jan 14, 2022

“Kazakhstan has been the target of armed attacks by well-coordinated terrorist groups that had received training, including from abroad. According to preliminary information, the attackers include individuals with experience of fighting in war zones on the side of Islamic groups. radicals. An investigation is underway, after which a full assessment of what happened will be given. ” This was stated in an interview with Adnkronos by the Kazakh ambassador to Rome, Yerbolat Sembayev, commenting on the recent unrest in Kazakhstan, which had their epicenter in Almaty, the country’s financial capital. According to the ambassador, “terrorist, extremist and criminal groups have taken advantage of the situation to intensify the tension and violence”, forcing the government to declare a state of emergency and request the intervention of a contingent of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. (CSTO), which has sent a peacekeeping force of about 2,500 people to help stabilize the situation and whose withdrawal, which began on January 13, will be completed within ten days. “The mandate of the peacekeepers was to protect the strategic structures and provide cover to the Kazakh law enforcement “, underlines the ambassador, according to which” the Kazakh security forces were able to mobilize in the shortest possible time and repel the attackers, taking control of the situation “. “Unfortunately, this came at a very high price: 18 members of the security forces were killed and more than 1,300 were injured. Unfortunately there are s civilian victims have also been reported, the exact number is being verified – highlights Sembayev – 1,270 companies were affected throughout the country. More than 100 shopping malls and banks were looted. About 500 police vehicles alone were damaged and burned. Huge material damage has been caused, the extent of which is assessed by a special government commission “. Regarding the responsibilities of the coup, the ambassador said that” Kazakhstan’s law enforcement agencies have been tasked with carrying out an extensive investigation into the causes of the coup. situation, the results of which will be made available to the international community as soon as possible “. On relations with Moscow, the ambassador believes that” Russia has been and remains a strategic partner and ally of Kazakhstan, the interaction between countries is multidimensional and complete, and is progressively developing in all directions. Furthermore, Kazakhstan and Russia are the closest neighbors and the most important economic partners “.” Kazakhstan attaches particular importance to relations with Italy, which is one of its most important strategic partners “, adds the ambassador, recalling that this ‘year the two countries will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the start of diplomatic relations. “During this period, a solid architecture of bilateral political, commercial and economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation was built”, continues Sembayev, according to which the Parliamentary Group of Kazakhstan-Italy friendship “acts as an important tool for expanding partnership relations. Undoubtedly, the reciprocal visits of parliamentary delegations from Kazakhstan and Italy help to strengthen these ties. Contacts between parliaments are useful for deepening our relations for the benefit of the peoples of our countries “. Italy – specifies the diplomat – is one of the largest investors in Kazakhstan’s economy and the first strategic trading partner in Europe and the third in the world. Since 1992, Italy has invested more than 15 billion dollars in Kazakhstan’s economy. Today, more than 400 Italian companies operate successfully in Kazakhstan in various sectors of our economy, such as oil and gas, construction, industry light, agriculture, tourism and trade. We are sure that recent events in Kazakhstan will not affect relations between our countries “. “On January 11 of this year, in his speech at the meeting of the Lower House of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, our President Tokayev clearly noted that the state will take all necessary measures to restore the confidence of foreign investors and all obligations and State guarantees to investors will be satisfied in full “, he remarks. Finally, by the way, the rumors circulated in recent days about a possible escape from the country of the former president Nazarbayev, “according to the press secretary of the first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev is in the country’s capital. In addition, he recently held a series. of consultative meetings and is in direct contact with the head of state, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev “, concludes Sembayev.