• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Gb, first woman to lead Army training. She replaces her husband


Jan 14, 2022

The first female officer to lead the British Army training regiment took over today, taking over from her husband. Colonel Lyndsey Kelly will lead a staff of 165 people in the training center in Pirbright, Surrey, previously commanded by Colonel, Shamus Kelly, who will continue to work at the center. Lyndsey and Shamus Kelly, who joined the Army in 2001, met nine years later, during a training course, of course, and married in 2013.They have two children, Alex, aged seven, and William, aged four. . “I like being able to train and influence recruits, the next generation of our Army – said Lyndsey, 42, quoted by the British media – but I also like working with motivated people”. And her husband Shamus, two years older: “The advice I want to give Lyndsey is the same advice that everyone gave me when I took over: ‘you have two and a half years to invest in these people …. it’s a great responsibility to take care of them “.