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Denouncing “toxic masculinity” in football to push Gourcuff down: the contradictions of Evra – Eurosport FR


Jan 14, 2022
Patrice Evra is a divisive character. We did not wait for the first days of 2022 to see this. Since June 2010 and the events on which we will not dwell here, the former captain of the Blues – who was part of some major adventures in French football in the 21st century, from a Champions League final with Monaco to a 2016 European Championship final, including the sinking of Knysna – cannot no longer be unanimous.

At the start of the year, the former Manchester United player is back in the spotlight for the promotion of his biography “I Love This Game”. Patrice Evra has toured the media to talk about everything, really everything. And there are indeed one or two subjects that we would have done well without, especially on the Covid.

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06/18/2020 At 9:47 PM

Here, we will salute the salutary courage of the former left side of the France team who revealed the atrocities of which he was the victim as a child, the sexual assaults which accompanied his adolescence. That a former player of the caliber of Patrice Evra, 81 selections, testifies to this is an act of bravery and possibly lifesaving, who knows, for generations to come. We hope so. Thank you Patrice, sincerely.

Denounce, as he does in the columns of L’Equipe du Jour, the “toxic masculinity” football, also looks like a huge step forward. “In football, you cannot show weaknesses or differences, otherwise you will appear vulnerable, he explains. There is a toxic masculinity. We do not realize the damage it does to the mental health of the players.

He was really too tender

Last night, live on RMC, in the program “Rothen ignites”, Patrice Evra was surprisingly much lighter when it came to a certain Yoann Gourcuff, point of tension of the Blues during the 2010 World Cup Certainly, the atmosphere was not the same, since Evra was accompanied by Jérôme Rothen, former partner in Monaco and in the national team, and also by Nicolas Anelka, who was a main actor in the South African crash.

On arrival, lots of laughter and little compassion when it was a question of the Breton, his doubts, the pressure he constantly put on his shoulders, because he was the successor of whom you know, that he was not accepted as such and, also, did not assume this heavy filiation.

“He was really too tender”, explains Pat Evra in his book. And the fact that he fails to flourish still seems incomprehensible to Evra, who also tried one or two dubious imitations of the former Bordeaux player during the show. “There’s all these big guys, they hear this guy talk like that, they think ‘there’s something wrong'”, he explained yesterday on RMC. An illustration of the famous “toxic masculinity”, probably.

Gourcuff’s other fault? Not having denied the supposed blows that Ribéry would have administered to him during the World Cup. This time, Nicolas Anelka is speaking. And Evra bouncing.

– Anelka: “You are a man, you have a minimum of respect for yourself. You deny and you say ‘who is going to victimize me in a locker room?’.

– Eva: “The truth, it was worked. People told him: ‘Stay back, it will hit the scum and you, you will be the little French.’ Whereas I was just defending him.”

Patrice Evra would have liked to give the opposite impression that he would not have gone about it any other way.


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