• Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Tesla reportedly builds Gigafactory for Cybertruck and Roadster in Slovakia – TECHBOX.sk – TECHBOX.sk


Jan 14, 2022

Ondrej Bačina, a big Tesla fan, published information on his Twitter, according to which Tesla in Slovakia could prepare the construction of a new factory for the production of its electric cars. The reason for this statement is the recruitment process that Tesla started in Slovakia.

One European Gigafactory but already standing near Berlin. It is thus quite unlikely that a second factory will grow in Europe. The company is significantly more interested in electric cars in China and the USA.

Ondrej Bačina provides unverified and unofficial information by the fact that Tesla has started a selection procedure for employment. This may be true, because Tesla has no official representation in Slovakia, which could change in the near future. Tesla is, for example, in neighboring Austria or the Czech Republic, and we still lack official representation in our country.


However, it is very unlikely that Tesla will produce its pick-ups at the planned factory Cybertruck and a super sports electric car Roadster. The Cybertruck is a pick-up, and Europeans are not inclined to do this type of car at all. Europe loves SUVs of all sizes. The Tesla Roadster is also not one of the mass models Tesla needs to produce on every continent.


Another factor that does not play into the construction of a factory in Slovakia is that Tesla builds one Gigafactory in Germany, in the industrial zone near the town Grünheide. It is not far from the capital, so the factory is called Giga Berlin.

The factory is only about 700 km away from Slovakia, resp. 7 hours drive. This is relatively close for Tesla to need to build a new factory in Slovakia, for example. If the demand for its models in Europe was so huge, it could be economically interesting for Tesla to build another factory, but in the current situation, when established brands with a number of services and representations are starting in large-scale production of electric cars in Europe, this is unlikely.

Most likely, we will finally see the first official representation of the carmaker and perhaps its service center in Slovakia. In the future, it would be possible to apply for subsidies at Tesla (if there are any) and especially the owners of electric cars of this brand will not have to go to the service center in Austria or the Czech Republic.

sourceOndrej Bacina / Twitter