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Jean-Paul Belmondo: “an invaluable sale”, how his clan separated from his apartment – TELES RELAY


Jan 14, 2022

After the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo last September, his daughter separated from her apartment. An important moment for her but also for the person who took care of it.

The clan of Jean-Paul Belmondo was able to count on the help of a close friend of the family. After the death of the Magnificent, last September, his entourage had to make difficult decisions concerning his inheritance. And in particular its real estate heritage, which included a sublime Parisian apartment. Eager to part with it, the Bébel clan therefore appealed to a friend of Luana Belmondo, as we learned in an episode of the Agency: luxury family real estate. “I have an appointment with Luana Belmondo, the culinary animator and bestselling author. Luana I have known her for years, explained Sandrine Ketz. In fact, her husband Paul was cycling with Olivier. She has three boys, I too had three at the time. We became great friends.

It is therefore almost logical that she was called by the clan of Jean-Paul Belmondo to sell the apartment in which he ended his life. “I had the chance to sell the apartment of his father-in-law, Jean-Paul Belmondo. For me, it was really a privilege to be able to enter his world because he was my favorite actor. It remains a memorable memory!”, said Sandrine Ketz on TMC, without revealing other details on this priceless sale. For Bébel’s family, this transaction must have been special, since it was there that he breathed his last. “We all surrounded him. He really left with his family and calmed down. It was very important. Fortunately, he left home”, confided his son Paul on BFMTV.

The Belmondos, “a real family”

“Every day before going to sleep, we said goodbye to him. We had the doubt that the next day he would not be there, added Paul Belmondo. We’ve been enjoying every second, every minute with him all lately.” And it is more united than ever that the family of Bébel said goodbye to him, on September 6th. Very close, the members of the clan then agreed several days together. We spent the first ten days together, we ate all the meals together because it’s a family that has always looked like me, Italian style. A loving, close-knit family, described Luana Belmondo on the set of C à vous. We often talk about a clan, but I prefer to say that we are a real family and we need to find each other.”


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