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Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United? I didn’t come to play for 5th place – ŠPORT.sk


Jan 14, 2022

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Ralf Rangnick did not bring instant improvement either. The problems of Manchester United are long-term. Fans also suffered from the return of Cristiano Ronald.

The record English champion, although he won the last crown in 2013, is seventh in the incomplete Premier League table. The team has been led by three coaches this season (Michael Carrick and Rangnick temporarily). The team on the field does not look compact, there is talk of a broken cabin. According to the tabloid media, the scenario from Juventus is repeated, where Ronald had a presence multiple statements rather negative impact.

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Both British and Spanish newspapers have reported in recent days about Ronald’s “crisis meeting” with his agent, Jorge Mendes. If the situation in United does not improve, he will allegedly ask to leave in the summer.

Less than a month later, the 37-year-old five-time best footballer on the planet gave an extensive interview for Sky Sports: “Our mentality must be in third place. I do not accept anything else. I didn’t come to play in fifth, sixth, seventh place. I’m here to try to win. ”

Despite the current situation, Ronaldo believes that the second half of the season will bring United better: “Sometimes you have to destroy something to build something good. We are able to change things. I know the way, but I won’t say more, because it wouldn’t be ethical from my position.

We can all and must improve at Manchester United. We are not at our best and there is a long way to go to improve. But if we change the way we think, we can achieve great things. ”

Rangnick has a 4-2-1 balance upon arrival. The performances are insignificant, United scored more than one goal in just one match. Experts criticize his hitherto inanimate 4-2-2-2 system.

But Ronaldo defended the German innovator: “He’s been here for five weeks, he’s changed a lot. He needs time to instill his ideas in the players. It will take time, but I believe it will lead a good robot. We have already improved on some things. But it’s not easy to change the mentality of the players, the way of playing, the culture or the system. ”

Ralf Rangnick

Source: TASR / AP

Ronaldo returned to the “Dream Theater” during the era of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He called saying goodbye to a former teammate a “difficult experience”: “Everyone was sad, Ole is a fantastic person. Michael left after him, now we have this coach. It’s challenging when you make so many changes. ”

Rangnick is only a coach until the summer. He has been coaching for only 24 months in Leipzig since September 2011, never working for the Manchester United club and looking for himself. Finding a recipe and qualifying for the Champions League are the essential points of the team’s revival. Negotiations with a new long-term coach and reinforcements or financial planning for the next period will follow from participating in the most prestigious competition.