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Covid-19: the penalty for companies not respecting the instructions on teleworking lowered to 500 – franceinfo


Jan 14, 2022

The Minister of Labor wants to “reassure small businesses”.

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The government has decided to lower the administrative penalty for companies that do not comply with the instructions on teleworking, announced Elisabeth Borne, the Minister of Labor, on Friday January 14. Wanting “reassure small businesses about the level of the sanction”, the executive will reduce the maximum amount per employee to 500 euros, against 1,000 euros so far, maintaining a ceiling of 50,000 euros per company, she told France 2.

“What we see today is that the figures are stagnating: 60% of French people who can easily telecommute do so, no more than in December”, noted the Minister of Labor. “We need sanctions for companies that do not play the game”, failing which a “inequity”, she said. “We are going to reinstate an administrative sanction”, added Elisabeth Borne, after the removal by the Senate of this provision in the bill on the vaccine pass.