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Coronavirus: 1888 people with a positive PCR test and 60 victims (minute by minute) – SME.sk


Jan 14, 2022

PCR tests revealed more than 874,000 infected with coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic claimed 17,188 lives. Lockdown for culture is over, new rules apply for mass events.

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We follow coronavirus in Slovakia minute by minute:

10:27 SLOVAKIA – The University Hospital with the JA Reiman Polyclinic in Prešov will start vaccinating children aged five to 11 years against COVID-19 from Tuesday.

According to the director of the Prešov hospital, Ľubomír Šarník, vaccinations at the vaccination center on Hollého Street will be accompanied every Tuesday for registered children by a legal representative or an authorized person, from 9:00 to 13:00.

“In addition, we vaccinate children aged 12 to 17 every Wednesday from 9:00 to 13:00 in the vaccination center. To date, we have already vaccinated 2,201 children of this age,” said Šarník. The hospital uses vaccinations vaccine Comirnaty from Pfizer / BioNTech.

10:11 AM WORLD – The number of coronavirus-related deaths in Italy reached 140,188 on Thursday. This was reported by the Spanish portal El Diario, referring to the EFE news agency.

IN Italy on Thursday, they reported 316 new victims and 184,615 cases in the last 24 hours. More than 8.1 million positive cases have been confirmed in the country since the start of the pandemic.

The positivity rate has fallen compared to Wednesday, when Italy reported 196,224 infected, the ANSA agency writes. There are 17,648 people in hospitals with covid, of which 1,668 are in intensive care units.

Italy recorded the highest number of coronovirus-related deaths of all EU member states.

10:01 SLOVAKIA – The third dose of the vaccine was given to 18,075 people yesterday, for a total of 1,190,430 people. The second dose of the vaccine was given to 519 people, in our country 2,616,228 people have been vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine. The first dose of the vaccine was given to 1995 people, in Slovakia 2,768,273 people have been vaccinated.

10:00 SLOVAKIA – 1888 people with a positive PCR test were added, more than 62 percent of them were not vaccinated. 331 people had a positive antigen test, more than 64 percent were not vaccinated.

8,495 PCRs and 19,175 antigen tests were completed.

There were also 60 covide victims, a total of 17,188.

The most positive tests were in the Bratislava region (382). Followed by Žilinský (295), Prešovský (252), Nitriansky (244), Trnavský (234), Banskobystrický (182), Košický kraj (165). The least of them were in the Trenčín Region (134).

In hospitals, the number of patients continues to decline slightly, there are 1861 patients with COVID-19, there are 392 people at JIS and OAIM, 197 people need support for artificial lung ventilation. More than 81 percent of those hospitalized are not vaccinated or have only one dose of vaccine.

9:54 WORLD – Tests in Hungary have confirmed 8921 cases in the last 24 hours infection with a new type of coronavirus and 73 patients died in connection with the COVID-19 disease, the operating staff informed on the website koronavirus.gov.hu ​​on Friday.

Currently, 128,268 people are infected with coronavirus. Of the 2,611 patients hospitalized with covid, 243 patients are connected to artificial lung ventilation.

The current balance of the coronavirus pandemic in Hungary is more than 1.3 million infected and 40,237 deaths. More than 6.3 million people in the country have been vaccinated against covid, almost 6.1 million have received two doses and more than 3.3 million have received a third dose.

9:53 WORLD Cambodia launched a fourth round of covid vaccination in response to omicron variant. High-risk groups were the first to receive booster doses.

9:15 WORLD – Passengers from more than 150 countries will be banned from transiting through Hong Kong, announced the local airport. The AFP agency informed about it, according to which this is the latest strengthening of strict anti-pandemic measures in the field of tourism.

The measure applies to passengers from the so-called Group A, in which Hong Kong has identified high-risk areas for coronavirus spread. “Passenger traffic and transit services through Hong Kong International Airport will be suspended for all persons who have stayed in Group A areas in the past 21 days,” the statement said on the airport’s website.

9:00 WORLD – Tests in the Czech Republic revealed another 11,675 infected on Thursday. The increments have remained at a similar level over the last three days, but this is a significant increase compared to last week’s figures. For example, on Thursday a week ago, there were 5,000 fewer new infections.

8:45 SLOVAKIA – Záhorská Gallery in Senica, founded by the Trnava self-governing region, is again open to the public in the OP regime. It offers visitors two exhibitions, which are open until Sunday, January 16. The gallery informed TASR.

The first exhibition is a joint author project by the authors Kati Madarász Decsi and Lucie Veselej Tiché rozhovory. The second is the exhibition of Robert Makar’s Lightboxes.

8:38 SLOVAKIA – As of today, due to the relaxation of measures for culture, the Lumiére Cinema is also opening its gates. It will offer films that entered distribution before the autumn lockdown, the best Slovak films according to the monthly Film.sk, as well as currently awarded European films.

The cinema is open in OP mode. In cinemas K2, K3, K4, seating is possible at full capacity, in cinema K1 with a capacity of up to 100 spectators.

Kino doma – the virtual cinema hall of the Slovak Film Institute – does not interrupt its program either. TASR was informed about this by the press secretary of the institute Simona Nôtová.

7:50 WORLD – The number of new coronavirus infections in one day in Germany exceeded 90,000 for the first time, informs the DPA agency with reference to the statistics of the Robert Koch Institute, which monitors the development of the pandemic in the country.

Tests showed infection in 92,223 people, with another 286 patients dying from Covid-19. 264 victims died a week ago.

The seven-day incidence, which indicates the average number of infected people per 100,000 in seven days, rose to 470.6, a German record. The day before it was 427.7 and the week before 303.4.

In Germany, the highly contagious variant omicron is already prevalent, accounting for more than 73 percent of cases.

7:10 WORLD – Substances found in cannabis plants, from which marijuana is also obtained, may protect against coronavirus infection. According to a study by scientists from the University of Oregon. According to them, two non-psychotropic cannabinoids bind to the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and thus prevent it from penetrating the cell. The Independent server wrote about it.

“These cannabinoid acids are abundant in both cannabis and cannabis extracts,” said study author Richard van Breemen. “These are not regulated substances, such as THC, which is a psychotropic component of marijuana, and are completely safe for humans. Our research has shown that these cannabis compounds are effective in all variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

6:30 WORLD – The United States Supreme Court blocked on Thursday action by President Joe Biden, which should make people working in companies with more than 100 employees obliged to be vaccinated with two doses of coronavirus vaccine or to undergo regular weekly testing and wear drape.

At the same time, the court allowed the application of the rule on compulsory vaccination for most health professionals in a 5: 4 vote – it will apply in approximately 76,000 facilities financed from the federal budget. Two conservatives – John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh – also supported the three liberal judges.

Coronavirus measures in force in Slovakia since 19 January 2022

Measures on omicron wool.
Measures on omicron wool. (source: SME – DOMINIKA COLOMBOVÁ)
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