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Audiences: “My angel” leader down, record for “Cash investigation”, “Why Women Kill” under 2 million – OZAP


Jan 14, 2022

In prime time Thursday, “Mon ange” came first on TF1. The French mini-series with Muriel Robin and Marilou Berry was able to count for its second and last week of broadcast on an average of 4.40 million individuals ahead of the two unreleased films offered, for a market share of 22.2% with of the general public according to Médiamétrie and 20.3% of women in charge of purchases aged under fifty (FRDA-50), a target in which fiction is also the leader. Last week, the series kicked off with an average of 4.78 million viewers (24.6% of 4+ and 19.6% of FRDA-50).

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On France 2, the return of “Cash investigation” with a subject devoted to health in France fascinated 2.32 million French people and 11.4% of the public (9.7% of FRDA-50). This is a season record for the program. For her previous appearance on the channel on November 11, 2021, Elise Lucet had managed to interest 2.03 million people (9.9% of the public and 8.7% of FRDA-50) on the theme of waste.

Good score for the cinema on France 3

France 3 follows with cinema and the broadcast of the French film “Photo de famille”. In the credits, Vanessa Paradis and Camille Cottin. The two actresses attracted 2.29 million moviegoers, for a market share of 10.9% (4.1% on the FRDA-50). Last Thursday, another film, “Le collier rouge”, attracted 1.76 million people (8.4% of 4+ and 2.3% of FRDA-50).

M6 is at the foot of the podium with the continuation of season 2 of the American series “Why Women Kill”. Broadcast until 10:50 p.m., the two episodes captivated 1.70 million seriphiles. The market share is 8.2% on the 4+ and 19.1% on the FRDA-50. They were 2.06 million at the meeting last week (10.4% of 4+ and 23.9% of FRDA-50).

In the rest of the prime time offer, on W9, a classic, the American film “Sister Act”, entertained 1.23 million Whoopi Goldberg fans, i.e. an audience share of 5.9% (9 .0% on FRDA-50). On France 5, the documentary evening with “The mystery of the origins of Venice”, followed by “The secrets of the Pantheon in Rome” interested 1.10 million people on average (5.1% of 4+ / 1.7% FRDA-50).

Back down for TMC’s “The Agency”

On Arte, the British series “Vigil” mobilized an average of 885,000 curious people in front of the first two episodes of the evening, out of the three broadcast in a row. 4.3% of the public responded. And on TMC, the return for season 2 of the documentary series “The Agency” was able to count on an average of 460,000 viewers in front of the two episodes broadcast until 11:20 p.m., which represents a market share of 2.5. % on 4 years and over and 5.3% on FRDA-50. On September 24, 2020, the program produced by Reservoir Prod had started in front of 521,000 people on average (2.8% PDA 4+ / 4.7% FRDA-50).

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