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California Governor Rejects Conditional Release of Assassin Robert Kennedy – Topky.sk


Jan 14, 2022

Last summer, the special commission agreed to the conditional release of Sirhan Sirhan, now 77. However, Governor Gavin Newsom stated in support of his opposition to the Commission’s decision that Sirhan still represented “threat to public security”. He recalled that Sirhan refused “acknowledge their responsibility for the crime”, who committed. According to the governor, the convict also lacks a view “which would prevent him from making the same types of dangerous decisions as in the past”.

“The assassination of Kennedy not only changed the course of this nation and robbed the world of a promising young leader, but deprived his 11 children of a father and his wife without a husband.” Newsom stated in an opinion published with his decision.“Kennedy’s family suffers his loss every day,” wrote to News, which recalled that “Millions of Americans have lost a unit in times of upheaval and sorrow, just nine weeks after the assassination of Martin Luther King and four and a half years after the assassination of Kennedy’s brother, President John F. Kennedy.”.

On April 17, 1969, Sirhan was found guilty of the murder of a New York senator, the younger brother of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 1972, after the abolition of the death penalty in California.“The assassination of Senator Kennedy is one of the most notorious crimes in American history,” Governor Newsom said in a statement. He pointed out that Sirhan’s decades of imprisonment had not remedied their mistakes, “which led to the assassination of Senator Kennedy”. Sirhan, according to the governor, does not have the necessary awareness to him “prevented the same dangerous decisions as in the past”.

At the time, 24-year-old Palestinian immigrant Sirhan Sirhan assassinated “Bobby” Kennedy on the night of June 6, 1968, at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, when the senator met there as part of a campaign to win Democrat nominations for the presidential election. Kennedy suffered a fatal injury during the assassination. Five other people were injured. The killer justified his gesture at the time by Robert Kennedy’s support for the sale of Israeli military aircraft.

Source: TASR / AP Photo / Gregory Bull

In his previous parole application in 2016, Sirhan Sirhan said he was drunk the night he committed the crime. He also said that he would like nothing to happen on that fateful evening. Sirhan’s lawyer, Angela Berry, said her client would ask the judge to overturn Newsom’s decision.

According to her, there is no evidence to suggest that Sirhan is still dangerous to society. “Since the mid-1980s, prison psychologists and psychiatrists have constantly found that Sirhan poses no risk to the public.” she argued. The commission’s recommendation for Sirhan’s parole also divided the Kennedy family: the two sons of the murdered politician – Douglas Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – supported Sirhan’s release. Six of Kennedy’s nine children and Ethel Kennedy, the widow of RFK, urged Newsom to block his parole.

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