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Presidential 2022: Anne Hidalgo presents her program and promises that she will go all the way


Jan 14, 2022

CAMPAIGN – The Socialist candidate unveiled 70 proposals for her presidential program this Thursday in Paris. She assured that she would “obviously” go through with her candidacy.

The objective was to affirm his wish to go through with his presidential project. This Thursday, Anne Hidalgo unveiled the 70 proposals of her program, denying that it was for her to “to restart” and assuring that she would go “obviously” at the end. “The coming time is that of the confrontation of projects, visions, programs. You can call it a revival, I simply call it a construction process”, she launched. “My program is socialist, ecologist, social democrat, social-republican, everything suits me”, she said, wishing “bringing France together in justice”.

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The mayor of Paris presented a “rich, new, complete project, scrutinized by legal expertise and financial expertise”, budgeted at 50 billion euros per year. According to her, he responds to “three emergencies” social, climatic and democratic.

Jumbled up, she decided to increase the minimum wage by 15% (to 2,000 euros net), repeal the reform of unemployment insurance, bring teacher compensation to the level of that of executives, remove Parcoursup, maintain 62 years the retirement age, increase the minimum old age to 1000 euros net, create a minimum youth for young people over 18 years old subject to means testing and grant 5000 euros in capital to all adults.

For health, she wants to train “up to 15,000 new doctors per year”, 1,250 midwives, 25,000 nurses and caregivers, 5,000 logisticians, technicians and hospital staff, and make mental health the great cause of the five-year term.

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A “third-party payment for insulation” to renovate housing

In terms of the environment, the socialist candidate wants to condition public aid to companies according to social and environmental criteria, create a climate ISF, stop the construction of new EPRs or small modular reactors, invest for the return of small lines, night trains and rail freight. Its objective is to achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions from the industrial sector by 2035 compared to 2015, with a plan to relocate economic activities. To renovate housing, it offers a “third-party payment insulation” so that the most precarious households do not have to advance the cost of energy renovations to their homes.

Anne Hidalgo also proposes to create a citizens’ initiative referendum (RIC), to establish the right to vote at 16 and the right to vote for foreigners in local elections as well as to recognize the blank vote.

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