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Poland prepares unbeatable petrol prices: Slovaks will save up to 18 euros in one tank – TVNOVINY.sk


Jan 14, 2022

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Rising fuel prices that surpass already bearded historical highs. Many countries around the world are struggling with this problem, including Slovakia. Therefore, some governments, even in our region, are introducing anti-inflation measures, which will significantly affect Slovaks as well. And not just in the border areas, as it might seem at first glance.

Thus, a year ago, we refueled a liter of petrol for an average of 1.2 euros. Even then, there was a significant price increase, as only a few months earlier, diesel, but also gasoline, could be refueled for one euro without a few cents.

We can definitely forget about this period. 2021 was a year of rising prices. Gasoline companies rewrote their price tags from week to week, until a liter of petrol cost an average of 1.5 euros.

Price growth stabilized in November. There was also a slight decline in the following weeks. We are currently refueling a liter of petrol for 1.46 euros and diesel for 1.36 euros.

Poles have radically reduced VAT

Despite the fact that our neighboring countries are also struggling with high fuel prices, they can secure cheaper refueling. In general, we have the most expensive petrol in the region, the more expensive diesel is only in Austria and the Czech Republic.

The most significant difference is in gasoline prices. In Poland, drivers refuel a liter of petrol and diesel for only 1.25 euros. They are also relatively good in Hungary (1.29 € / l). And this difference will increase significantly.

In an effort to slow inflation, the Polish government will temporarily reduce VAT on fuel on February 1 from the current 23 percent to eight percent. In terms of motor fuel prices, they will fall by 15 cents per liter. This measure will be in force for up to six months.

In practice, this means that while a liter of petrol will cost 1.46 euros in Slovakia, only 1.1 euros in Poland. It is this fact that can start gasoline tourism again. It will also pay off for Slovaks who live further from the border areas.

We have included in the calculations an average 50-liter tank and an average consumption of 6 liters per 100 kilometers

EXAMPLE: If you want to save at least 10 euros on one tank, it pays to go to Poland to refuel if you live about 60 km from the border. You can save up to 18 euros per tank, but you would only have to live a few kilometers from the border.

Poland will be our first choice

Border residents have already intercepted information about the cheapening of petrol and diesel. According to them, in addition to refueling, they also buy food. The Poles also temporarily reduced their VAT to zero.

“I get used to refueling in Poland and I will definitely go after February 1st. I will also make a big purchase there for the money saved, as they also reduced the VAT on them, “said Ivan from Svidník.

“Since I live on the border, I will definitely go to Poland to refuel. In addition, we combine it with purchases. We will definitely save a lot compared to Slovak prices. This is how well-known people go, as we already have two gas stations on the border, “said Martin, who lives near Svidník.

Many others are set the same, their first choice will be Poland from February.

The Hungarians have capped prices, the government is not planning any measures

Our southern neighbors have also responded to rising fuel prices. In Hungary, since mid-November, the so-called the price cap, ie the price of petrol and diesel, cannot cost more than EUR 1.33 per liter. As we mentioned, it is currently being refueled there for 1.29 euros per liter.

EXAMPLE: If you want to save at least 5 euros on one tank, it pays to go refueling in Hungary if you live about 20 km from the border. You can save a maximum of 8.5 euros per tank, but you would only have to live a few kilometers from the border.

Slovakia has the highest fuel prices in the region for a long time, and record inflation in the context of measures by neighboring countries exacerbates this difference. Nevertheless, according to our information, the Ministry of Finance does not plan to reduce VAT or excise duty in this segment. And that comes another rise in price.

“By the end of January, there will be an increase of 2 to 3 cents per liter. The reason is the rise in oil prices to $ 82 per barrel, which is the highest price since the end of November. A month ago, the price was $ 75 per barrel, “explained commodity analyst Boris Tomčiak.

Even long-term assumptions do not bode well, as global oil consumption is growing and we will reach a pre-pandemic maximum in the second half of the year.

“Fuel prices will remain at the current elevated level for some time to come. A significant reduction in prices is unlikely due to the high consumption, “concluded Tomčiak.

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