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The fourth wave has begun: the first districts report increased numbers of those infected – TVNOVINY.sk


Jan 14, 2022

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In some regions of Slovakia, the strength of the coronavirus is increasing again. Although the number of patients in hospitals has been declining for several consecutive days, other data suggest that the fourth wave is in its infancy.

The number of new cases is growing significantly, especially in the northern districts. According to Ivan Bošňák, an analyst at the Data without Pathos initiative, omikron is behind the variant.

“We have the omicron wave here, just like the Czech Republic and Austria. These are the countries for which we have data. In the Czech Republic, the representation of this variant in new cases is 75 percent and in Austria 66 percent, “he says.

However, in Slovakia we have so far officially confirmed 34 cases of the new variant. Experts reckon that it is much more widespread. The Public Health Office informs the results of the sequenced samples at a delay.

Deterioration in the north

Bošňák reminds that despite the onset of omicron, we do not currently have “crazy” numbers of positive (approximately 2,500 per day) or positive PCR tests (25 percent). It resembles a more problematic region.

“In some, especially border regions, we have strong growth, high positivity of PCR tests and also many positives. Like every wave, it is the north of Slovakia. Today’s numbers will increase in multiples, and it only depends on the number of PCR tests whether we will see daily numbers of five, ten or even 15,000, “he claims.

From the available data shown on the map below, it can be seen that the deterioration of the situation is recorded mainly in seven districts, namely Námestovo, Stará Ľubovňa, Bardejov, Sabinov, Prešov, Stropkov and Snina. Here, the increase in the seven-day incidence of cases compared to two weeks is more than 30 percent.

The biggest jump in positivity is reported by hygienists from the Stropkov district. Currently, every second PCR test is positive there. “There are 118 in absolute numbers this week and 125 in the past week,” said Helena Hrebeňaková, regional hygienist for the Svidník and Stropkov districts.

Bánovce nad Bebravou, Tvrdošín, Kysucké Nové Mesto, Spišská Nová Ves, Dunajská Streda and Komárno also report deterioration. In the rest of the country, the situation has stabilized or improved over two weeks.

See more detailed information on the map:

Situation in Slovakia. Photo: TV Awning

In a few days

According to our experts, Omikron will hit in great force in a few days. This is indicated by several figures. Mathematician Richard Kollár sees some changes in the trend of test positivity. In an interview with Denník N pointed out that the seven-day incidence was falling sharply and was now slowing down. This is already a sign that something is happening.

Another signal, according to him, is an increase in the number of vaccinated among those infected. While in December it was above 70 percent daily, this share gradually declined. For example, in the statistics for other days, it is around 63 to 65 percent.

Ivan Bošňák says that we may see the peak of the wave at the beginning of February, the peak of hospital revenues a week later, the situation will affect the condition of patients in two weeks and then the expert expects a rapid decline.

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There will be no division of districts

According to foreign data, experts see that omicron is much more contagious than the delta variant, but hospitalization numbers are not rising sharply. It also does not appear to cause a more severe course of COVID-19 disease than the delta variant.

“It simply came to our notice then. Most of them will be between the ages of 15 and 40. The children have only a slight course, “thinks Bošňák.

He adds that just as the delta was significantly weaker and shorter than the second wave, the omicron will be weaker compared to the previous delta. According to Bošňák, seniors in the aforementioned north of Slovakia, but also older people in poorly vaccinated districts, will be particularly at risk.

However, the division of measures according to districts is no longer important according to experts. The colors in the COVID vending machine are a thing of the past. The government also agreed. It approved new measures, which are to apply from next Wednesday (January 19), ie in the period when the fourth wave of coronavirus in Slovakia is about to break out in full. “We would sprint from green to black in this situation in two weeks,” said Minister of Health Vladimír Lengvarský in the program. On the body PLUS.

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