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“We usually don’t go on strike”: the united front of education staff against Blanquer – Le Monde


Jan 14, 2022

The mobilization carried. After three hours of meeting with the unions at the end of the mobilization day, Jean-Michel Blanquer announced some adjustments to the distribution of masks, the reinforcement of contract workers and educational assistants, as well as more regular consultations. . Called by the vast majority of public and private education unions, and supported by the parents of FCPE students, the strike day brought together, it is true, the entire educational community. Including heads of establishments and inspectors, these executives who are rarely seen, usually, in processions.

“This is the first time that I have demonstrated, and the first time that I have felt such a feeling of anger.. We are on the front line, we, the supervisors, to explain the protocol to the parents. And we are aware of the changes by the press! » Dylan Quenon came to swell the ranks of the Parisian demonstration, Thursday January 13, with other educational assistants from the high school of Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis). The young man failed the competition once but still wants to become a teacher.

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Among the staff mobilized, many, like Dylan, are not usually – a sign of the exasperation which now dominates among the actors of the school. In all, 77,500 people marched in France, including 8,200 in Paris, according to the interior ministry. Many others were not in the street but declared on strike. National education counted 38.48% of strikers among primary school teachers, when the main union, the SNUipp-FSU, ahead 75%. In colleges and high schools, the ministry announces 23.73% of strikers, against 62% for the SNES-FSU.

“Cannon Fodder”

In the Paris procession, which set off at 2 p.m. from the Luxembourg garden towards the Ministry of National Education, two CPEs from the Paul-Eluard high school in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), Mona Rhalies and Océane Bernard , say to themselves “exhausted », two weeks after the start of the school year in January. ” The service of life school is become a office of the ARS [agence régionale de santé]. One raised on of them is absent to less a time through day », they say. For the two young women, originally from the south of France and transferred to Seine-Saint-Denis this year, there is no doubt: ” He would have had to report the comeback. We at summer of the flesh at cannon in this crisis. On January 3, the nurse at do 17 testing positive in a time. »

Three school teachers in the Hauts de Seine parade with the Parisian procession, January 13, 2022.

In Nîmes, Vincent Lepoint, headmaster of the Philippe-Lamour high school, denounces the multiplication of health protocols and their complexity. “They generate more malfunctions than the Covid-19 itself”, observes the one who, last year, had managed to maintain all the courses of high school students face-to-face.

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