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After gaining the globe, Vlhová barva lived. He trains again with Ledecká – PRAVDA.sk


Jan 14, 2022

After great success came a challenging return to the long arcs. Petra Vlhová enjoyed her premiere in speed disciplines in the current year of the Alpine Ski World Cup.

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Petra Vlhová.

“The first training was a tap because I didn’t stand on long skis for a long time. In addition, I am still regenerating after the previous slaloms, “Vlhová told RTVS after Thursday’s downhill training.

She took 35th place, losing 3.51 seconds to the victorious German Kira Weidle.

“I still have Friday’s training ahead of me. I will try to find a perfect track, which is very important in the downhill, “continued 26-year-old Liptáček.

Petra Vlhová Read more It ran 120 km / h. Vlhová returned to long skis

After winning a small slalom globe, which she sealed for Tuesday’s second place in Schladming, Austria, she enjoyed a day off.

“I barely lived, I was sleepless and tired. All the stress subsided, which made me even more tired. I got together. I practiced a bit and I’m here, “Vlhová admitted.

In Zauchensee, in addition to today’s downhill training (10.45), there will also be weekend races. On Saturday there is a downhill (10.45) on the program, on Sunday there will be a super-giant slalom (11.30, broadcasts are broadcast by RTVS).

He will be preparing for these and other races in speed disciplines in a training group consisting of several smaller ski teams.

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“We are connected with other teams, there are more of us. I don’t know exactly who is there, but I know that the Czechs are also there, ” said Vlhová for šport.sk

“We are part of an international group. With the Czech Republic, Sweden, Australia and some other smaller teams, “added head coach Mauro Pini.

Petra Vlhová’s team thus cooperates again with Ester Ledecká’s team. In the past, this has brought both results excellent in the fight against the Alpine powers.

Joint training is especially important so that coaches on longer slopes can cover all sections of the track via a video camera. In addition, mutual heckling also plays a big role.

Mikaela Shiffrinová with Petra Vlhová after slalom ...

Petra Vlhová with her team after 2nd place in ...

Petra Vlhová and her program in the season 2021/22

Date of the event Place and discipline Location of Vlhovova
October 23 Sölden – a huge slalom 3rd place
November 13 Lech Zürs – parallel slalom did not start
November 20 Levi – slalom 1st place
November 21 Levi – slalom 1st place
November 27 Killington – giant slalom canceled
November 28 Killington – slalom 2nd place
December 3 Lake Louise – downhill did not start
December 4 Lake Louise – downhill did not start
December 5 Lake Louise – super G did not start
December 11 St. Moritz – super G did not start
December 12 St. Moritz – super G did not start
December 18 Val d´Isere – exit did not start
December 19 Val d´Isere – super G did not start
December 21 Courchevel – giant slalom 4th place
December 22 Courchevel – giant slalom 5th place
December 28 Lienz – giant slalom 2nd place
December 29 Lienz – slalom 1st place
January 4 Zagreb – slalom 1st place
January 8 Kranjska Gora – giant slalom 15th place
January 9 Kranjska Gora – slalom 1st place
January 11 Schladming – slalom 2nd place
January 15 Zauchensee – exit
January 16 Zauchensee – super G
January 22 Cortina d’Ampezzo – exit
January 23 Cortina d’Ampezzo – super G
January 25 Kronplatz – giant slalom
January 29 Garmisch Partenkirchen – downhill
January 30 Garmisch Partenkirchen – super G
February 7 Beijing Olympics – a huge slalom
February 9 Beijing Olympics – slalom
February 11 Olympic Games in Beijing – super G
February 15 Olympic Games in Beijing – Congress
February 17 Beijing Olympic Games – combination
February 19 Beijing Olympics – team competition
February 26 Crans Montana – exit
February 27 Crans Montana – exit
March 5 Lenzerheide – super G
March 6 Lenzerheide – giant slalom
March 11 Are – a huge slalom
March 12 Are – slalom
March 16 SP final in Courchevel – downhill
March 17 SP final in Courchevel – super G
March 18 SP final in Courchevel – team competition
March 19 SP final in Courchevel – slalom
March 20 SP final in Courchevel – huge slalom

Overall World Cup standings (after 19 of 37 competitions): 1. Shiffrin (USA) 866 points, 2. VLHOVÁ (SR) 831, 3. Sofia Goggio (ITA) 657, 4. Hector (Sweden) 568, 5. Holdener (CHE) 408, 6. Brignone (ITA) .) 407

Slalom standings (5 of 9): 1. VLHOVÁ 580 points, 2. Shiffrinová 340, 3. Holdenerová 321, 4. Liensbergerová (AUT) 262, 5. Dürrová (DEU) 252, 6. Gisinová (CHE) 187

The order in FIG. slalom (after 5 of 9 races): 1. Hector 362, 2. Shiffrin 316, 3. Worley 307, 4. VLHOVA 251, 5. Bassin 160, 6. Siebenhofer (AUT) 130

Super-G ranking (after 4 of 9 competitions): 1. Goggio 320, 2. Brignone 227, 3. Curtonio 216, 4. Shiffrin 205, 5. Gutova-Behramio 180, 6. Mowinckelova 158

Downhill standings (after 3 of 9 races): 1. Goggio 300, 2. Johnson 240, 3. Puchnerova 152, 4. Suterova 145, 5. Siebenhoferova 124, 6. Delagova 112

Order of parallel competitions (1): 1. Slokarová 100, 2. Stjernesundová 80, 3. Lysdahlová 60, 4. Bassinová (ITA) 50, 5. Hectorová 45, 6. Monsenová (NOR) 40

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