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Official preddraft ranking: Slafkovský among the best! The head of scouting did not spare praise – Športky.sk


Jan 13, 2022
Juraj Slafkovský and Šimon Nemec during the training of the Slovak national hockey team Source: TASR / SZĽH – Andrej Galica

BRATISLAVA – The entry draft of the NHL will take place in the summer and much may change until then, but today it is clear to everyone that Slovak hockey is waiting for one of the best drafts in history.

Several Slovak names have appeared in the previous pre-design rankings, and the official ranking of the NHL Central Scouting, which ranked sixteen boys from the Tatras among the greatest hopes before this year’s selection, is no exception.

It seems that our sick hockey is finally shining for a better future after many years of groping. We have been waiting for the hockey player elected in the first round for nine years, the last one chosen in 2013 was Marko Daňo, who was chosen by the Columbus Blue Jackets.

It is almost certain that this year we will see at least two Slovak hockey players in the first round, even in the top ten, which has never happened before. It is possible that three names will be heard right away, which would also happen for the first time in history.

Slafkovský attacks the highest places

The NHL Central Scouting rankings are divided into players from North America and Europe.

The second man in the European rankings is Juraj Slafkovský, whose overseas experts consider Slovakia’s greatest hope in the upcoming draft. Only its Finnish league opponent Joakim Kemell, one of the most interesting players in the entire competition, placed in front of the TPS Turku striker with an average of almost a point per match.

In the picture Juraj Slafkovský
Photo gallery (3) Juraj Slafkovský Source: TASR / SZĽH / Andrej Galica

“Slafkovský should be in the national team of Slovakia at the February Olympic Games in Beijing 2022. He uses his character, reach and power very well within the rules. He is active and efficient on both sides of the rink, has a good overview and all the tools needed to have a great career. “ Goran Stubb, director of European Scouting NHL, praised the young Košice.

The advantage of a talented hockey player is the fact that at a young age he has already completed the senior championship in Latvia or the Olympic qualification in Bratislava. He was also present in the line-up of coach Ivan Feneš at the recent World Championships for players under 20, where he was one of the best players with a double cross on his chest.

The German dropped, Mešár also has a chance for the 1st round

Another great talent of Slovak hockey and a huge hope for the summer draft is the Nitra defender Šimon Nemec. The native of Liptovský Mikuláš is the thirteenth most productive back of the Tipos extra league, in six matches he scored sixteen assists.

The 17-year-old basketball player is said to be the highest-ranking defender of the entire draft. In the mentioned ranking of players from Europe, however, NHL Central Scouting gave him “up to” sixth place among skaters, ie two spots lower than the Czech youngster David Jiříček.

Pictured is a Slovak player
Photo gallery (3) Šimon Nemec Source: TASR / Lukáš Grinaj

In connection with a possible attack on the first round of the draft, the Poprad Express and one of the most dynamic forwards of our extra league, Filip Mešár, is also mentioned. He ranks 15th in the European list.

Today, the 18-year-old man experienced his premiere in the German Cup in the duel with Switzerland in the senior national jersey, and he also gives great performances in the “chamois” jersey. He hit the black five times in twenty matches and added four assists.

Other Slovak hockey players also appear in the NHL Central Scouting rankings. In the overseas ranking we find Servác Petrovský (52nd), Jozef Viliam Kmec (92nd) and Marián Mošek (164th). The only Slovak representative among the goalkeepers is Šimon Latkóczy (32nd), who was a great support during the recent Red Deere championship.

In the selection of European skaters, we come across Nitra striker Adam Sýkora (36th), “Slavicist” Alex Šotek (41st), Pavel Štetka (101st), Jakub Križan (108th), Sebastian Nahalka (110th), Luca Krakovsky (110th). 117.), Jakub Kopecký (118th) and Matej Tomas (131st)

There is no doubt about the unit

Eighteen-year-old Canadian Shane Wright is expected to become the unequivocal draft unit. The Kingston striker plays center position and has scored 30 points (11 goals and 19 assists) in twenty-two games in the current season of the Ontario Hockey League.

He also introduced himself at recent junior World Championships, which, however, did not play out due to the multiplying positive cases of coronavirus.

“There was no consensus on a unit for North America in the middle of the season, but at this point Shane Wright retains first place.” NHL Central Scouting Director Dan Marra quoted the official site of the overseas profile. “All things considered, Shane remains a desirable NHL talent pack and has proven to be able to withstand the burden and be a difference when needed.” he added.

Shane is a great talent and a boy whose scout community has been following for some time, so everyone knows the attributes he can bring to the team. He shows up every night, is the leader and plays every situation. He does what is needed on the whole ice and every coach can rely on such a player, because he is not only a benefit in the offensive, but he is also a versatile team leader., ” Joey Tenute of NHL Central Scouting joined.

The upcoming NHL Draft Draft will take place July 7-8 in the iconic Bell Center Hall in Montreal. Mecca Hockey will host the prestigious event 27 times in history, for the first time since 2009.

The past two drafts for the Covid-19 pandemic were held only virtual. Last year’s draft unit became the robust Canadian defender Owen Power, who was chosen from the highest position by Buffalo.

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