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POLICY – “At the PS, they are all at the nursing home. Olivier Faure is responsible for this stagnation ”, blows a heavyweight of the Macronie, gone through the rose party and still has internal friends. It must be said that the sad spectacle given by the incessant reversals Anne Hidalgo on the primary or not, the popular primary or not, leaves many observers or party officials speechless.

“We are completely lost”, admits one of them to the HuffPost, this Wednesday January 12, a few hours after a stormy national office against a background of internal divisions on January 11 in the evening. Olivier Faure got angry with his minority current that he suspects of having sent elements to the press stating that he supported the participation of his candidate in the popular primary, which he has since denied.

You want the dislocation of the party of Mitterrand and Jaurès? Those who do not want to campaign, let them not, but stop their organized sabotage!Olivier Faure, first secretary of the PS

“You want the dislocation of the party of Mitterrand and Jaurès? Those who do not want to campaign, let them not do it, but stop their organized sabotage! ”Declared Olivier Faure to his minority current (which includes Hélène Geoffroy or Patrick Mennucci for example) who do not want not from the popular primary. “His anger, he made it up. We are loyal to Anne Hidalgo. Yes you want to go to the popular primary is that you do not believe in your candidate ”, commented, acid, in the evening, Patrick Menucci, present at the national office. “They play a three-cushion billiard shot so that we lose and they recover the party,” replied another participant to explain the internal tensions which seem to be out of step with the issue of the moment.

The agenda for this internal meeting included three points: participation in the teachers’ demonstration on Thursday, January 13, a request to “bring the project to life in the territories” which will be presented by the candidate the same day and “lifts ground”. It was at this last point that the question of participating or not in the popular primary was addressed and that the debates became tense.

“I will not tell you anything about the BN, because it is a place where we try to think together”, answers Christophe Clergeau, one of the participants. “Olivier Faure got angry in the face of irresponsible acts which are prejudicial to the candidate ”, concedes all the same the national secretary.

In reality, the executives of the PS are hesitant in the face of a popular primary which is gaining more and more weight in the game on the left. “We are in a great coherence around the pride of carrying a socialist candidacy and the consideration that we have for the popular primary”, decrypts Christophe Clergeau who recognizes that “people understood that Anne Hidalgo wanted to register in the popular primary ”and that it is an” element of hope for many ”.

“To understand, you need a bac + 10 in politics!”

To better understand these permanent reversals – or these open-air hesitations – we need “a bac + 10 in politics”, ironically our interlocutor, close to Olivier Faure. Small step back for those and those who would not have – rightly – not all understood what is played in the Hidalgo camp.

After having promised in 2020 during her municipal campaign that she would not be a presidential candidate, Anne Hidalgo was finally invested by the PS after a vote by activists in October against her internal opponent Stéphane Le Foll.

After a catastrophic start to the campaign marked by a controversy around one of its flagship proposals (the doubling of teachers’ salaries), the fall is going badly for the candidate who very rarely passes the 5% mark in the surveys.

After having said all the autumn that she did not want a primary, she changed direction on December 8 by an ubiquitous turnaround where she jumped from a train on the way to La Rochelle at the Poitiers station, returned to Paris and is invited to the television news of TF1 to give “a new turn to his campaign”. She calls on her competitors on the left to go to the primary with her.

Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon say no. December 17th, Christiane Taubira invites herself into the game and gives herself a month to convince of the need for the union, “potentially adding a candidacy to the many existing ones”, criticize the socialists close to Anne Hidalgo in off.

Because, in reality, the arrival of Christiane Taubira complicates the strategy of Anne Hidalgo. In September, the former Minister of Justice arrived at the head of the first vote citizens of the popular primary with François Ruffin (there was no need to be declared to navigate). A data to be taken with a grain of salt, because the electorate has since grown: more than 120,000 people have registered for the vote scheduled for the end of January.

Taubira must clarify its position in the coming days

This weekend, Christiane Taubira confirms that she will “respect the verdict” of the popular primary and must still officially declare herself for the presidential election before January 15, date on which she promised a clarification and on which the popular primary will unveil the names of its candidates (declared in the presidential or primary, whether they accept the principle or not).

For her part, Anne Hidalgo no longer wants to go there as long as Yannick Jadot does not go. There is no chance that the latter will change his mind before January 15, but the PS intends to put pressure on him for the next three days. “ATnne Hidalgo reaffirms that until January 15 she is pressuring Jadot to go there. That’s all there is today ”, decrypts Christophe Clergeau again on January 12. Enough to lose his Latin.

Anne Hidalgo can still clarify her position. In any case, the approval of the candidates is not required to be on the People’s Primary ballots.Mathilde Imer, spokesperson for the Popular Primary

On the side of the organizers of the popular primary, we do not lose hope that the candidate changes her mind. “She can still clarify her position. In any case, the agreement of the candidates is not required to be on the ballots for the nomination of the popular primary ”, recalls Mathilde Imer, spokesperson for this citizen collective who will give the final list on Saturday of all the candidates declared for the presidential election on the left – registered ex officio – and others who wish to run through this process.

In any case, the sequence is disastrous for the Socialist Party and its candidate. A former PS deputy, who follows from afar but who is still in the proceedings, comments as follows: “By opening this door to the primary, Hidalgo offered all activists the choice not to vote for her. They do not realize how many activists are disappointed with his campaign, ”jokes this executive who has local branches very deployed.

“There is a popular success in this primary, it makes sense on the left and you have to take it into account. We are looking for a way, there is not yet a definite collective position ”, concludes Clergeau, very close to Olivier Faure. There is little time to make a decision, but the difficulties that appear in broad daylight do not help the candidate to make her voice heard.

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