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In this daily live devoted to the news of the electoral campaign, we will also evoke the past by returning every day to the significant moments of the last presidential elections through an article of the World. Today, let’s go back ten years… January 12, 2012.

In an article entitled “General mobilization for signatures to the FN”, the journalist Abel Mestre returns to the delicate search for sponsorship of the far-right presidential candidate in 2012. With less than 300 sponsorship pledges out of the 500 needed, Marine Le Pen therefore rings the “General mobilization” of its troops in a letter which it sends to all the executives of the National Front (FN).

“The FN, which had launched similar alerts in 2002 and 2007, assures that it is not for him, this year, to force the Union for a popular movement (UMP) and the Socialist Party (PS) to to take a position “, writes our journalist. “Mme Le Pen has also repeatedly defended himself from wanting to draw attention to herself by presenting himself as a victim of a denial of democracy ”, can we still read in The world January 12, 2012.

While Marine Le Pen is making her first presidential campaign, taking up the torch from her father Jean-Marie, a five-time candidate, the leaders of the far-right party regret that the search for the signatures of mayors makes them lose “A lot of time and money” and prevent them from ” to make a campaign “. The FN has 70 to 80 less promises than in 2007 at the same time. In the end, that year, the FN had submitted 507 sponsorships to the Constitutional Council.

“The Lepéniste party also suffers from holes in the militant network, consequence of the split of Bruno Mégret, in 1998, and the departure of many executives, that the influx of new members, inexperienced, did not compensate”, analyzes Abel Mestre, who notes that “All frontist leaders are very worried about the situation”. All except Florian Philippot, the strategic director of Marine Le Pen’s campaign at the time, who said he was “Confident in the mayors of France, in those of small towns who are true republicans”.



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