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Messi, Mbappé, Thuram … Evra takes out the punchline box – Maxifoot


the occasion of the release of his autobiography I love this game, Patrice Evra gave a long interview not to journalists, but to readers of the regional daily Le Parisien. And the former left side of the Blues has, as usual, not kept his tongue in his pocket.

No, Patrice Evra has not changed.

Patrice Evra always says what he thinks, and he always means what he says. This was already the case when he was in the business, and even more so since he hung up his crampons in 2019. His autobiography, I love this game, testifies. In its pages as in interviews, the former left side of Manchester United addresses all subjects.

Even the most painful, like the rape he suffered during his training years. Without forgetting the sportsman, Lionel Messi Kylian Mbapp, passing by the France team.

The C1 for PSG, Evra skeptical

For the release of his book, the one who also wore the jersey of Monaco or Marseille has thus granted a long interview, not to journalists, but to readers of the regional daily Le Parisien. And the questions inevitably concern the club of the capital. who he wants to win the hopeful Champions League one day … without really believing it. If PSG wins it tomorrow, I’ll be so proud, he first declared in the columns of our colleagues.

But since the comeback against Bara, I understood that some players could not stand the pressure here, continued Evra. (…) Dani Alves (passed by PSG in 2017 and 2019, editor’s note) told me: ‘Some players here think they are stars, although they have never won anything’. L, they recruited Messi, but it is not him who will make them win the European Cup. It’s a collective, a state of mind. Winning it is complicated. And I know what I’m talking about with five final cheeks and four lost …

Mbapp is too clean and has something hiding

Cash, as usual. On Mbapp, also: He has a good education. I’d love to see Kylian drape. I find it too format, replied Evra about the striker of PSG and the Blues. I love it, but it’s too clean and has something hiding. When I hear him speak, I have the impression of hearing a politician. On the pitch, I hope he thinks about the team and not about his personal goals. Because the star is the team, not just a player.

If he takes the collective, Evra has all the same admitted that a delicate moment of his career, namely the sad 2010 World Cup in South Africa, he would have had to no longer think about it. It’s the only time I’ve seen this team united for the same cause, he told Le Parisien. We got off the bus and told coach Raymond Domenech that we weren’t going to train, and get back on the bus. And it was he who confiscated the keys from the driver! We have been taken hostage!

One last punchline to finish? Address Lilian Thuram, of course. I was due to the attitude of Thuram, alias Malcolm Z, who had said that I should no longer put on the jersey of the France team. I left him two messages, one of which was very salty, concluded the finalist of Euro 2016, still as skilled in the art of tackling.

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