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The Slovak actress has reached the wall of fame: Touching words, I have nothing to regret! | Telkáč.sk – Telkáč.sk


12.01.2022Actors and actressesThe name of the jubilant actress Eva Večerová, who was celebrating her 70th birthday these days, was added to the Wall of Fame in the foyer of the Andrej Bagar Theater (DAB) in Nitra. She thus became one of the prominent personalities to whom the DAB decided to pay tribute in this way.

As the actress emphasized in the interview, she has not dealt with her age for a long time, according to her, the important thing is how one feels. “It simply came to our notice then. I am a hyperactive person, I take care of the house, the garden, I move stones, I go to the gym, where they look at me as a natural phenomenon and I am satisfied. “ she stated.

The native of Bratislava has worked in the Children’s Radio Drama Company since she was a child and has also performed in the Pavel Országh Hviezdoslav Theater. In 1975 she graduated in acting from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava in the year of Karol L. Zachar. Already during her studies she performed at the Slovak National Theater and after successfully graduating from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague she joined the State Theater in Košice. From there she moved to the New Stage Theater in Bratislava, where she was a member of the ensemble for many years.

I have nothing to regret

In addition to theater, she has also been involved in film, television, dubbing and teaching. “Looking back on my life, I have nothing to regret. I’ve done so much. I was on stage for five years and then it went on without a break. I took everything very intensely. I always got such beautiful characters that I didn’t even have to dream of any coveted role. The only thing that went around me was that I had never played a princess in my life, ” Evening speaks with a smile.

She became a member of the DAB art ensemble in 1996, when she moved to Nitra. “Everyone wondered at the time why I was leaving Bratislava. But I wanted to play theater and the Nitra theater was the best in Slovakia at the time, whether someone liked it or not. There was such an acting elite as Jozef Dóczy, Milan Kišš, Adela Gáborová … It was one ace after another. I made films and productions with them, so I didn’t come among strangers. I’m sorry they’re gone. “ said Večerová.

At the same time, she reminded her that she had many nice memories of her colleagues. “We lived very friendly, we complied, we helped each other. Those were completely different times than today. The cohesion, the wonderful interpersonal relationships … I don’t see it among the actors today. Today, everyone sees only themselves. The friendly way of working and living, which is important for the actors and which is very lacking in the theater, has disappeared. ” added Večerová.

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